Finger Bend Sensor

Test bend sensor for finger to control LED Light.

Inspired by the sheath bend sensor by KOBAKANT

Description: This swatch is made for the finger to insert, in order to capture its bending data.

Materials/Tools: Stretch Conductive Fabric, Copper Thread, (Purple) Stretch Jersey Fabric, non-conductive fabric, non-conductive thread.


How to make it:

  1. Place the stretch jersey fabric on the table at a length of your finger from the knuckle to the beginning of your nail and width of 20 cm longer then its circumference.
  2. Cut a piece of stretchy conductive fabric which will fit on top of your knuckle.
  3. Place conductive thread (20 cm longer then stretch jersey) on top of the stretch jersey, in the middle of it, where your knuckle will be.
  4. Place the stretchy conductive fabric on top of it. (please view image below as a reference. click/tap them to make them bigger).
  5. Sew the conductive stretch fabric onto the stretch jersey with the conductive thread in between them like a sandwich. The conductive threads do not touch. They are parallel to one another, at the inner vertical extremes of the conductive stretch fabric. (please view image below as a reference. click/tap them to make them bigger). Make sure you encapsulate both conductive thread lines to prevent them from touching by sewing an additional line of thread in between them, towards the center of the conductive stretch fabric.
  6. Close the stretch jersey to the size of your finger with a line of thread.