I see myself as an infinite living soul inside my human body avatar

We R Infinite Beings of Light

We R Pure Awareness

We See Through The Veil of The Matrix

Censorship of Free Speech

That Awakens Humanity’s 3rd Eye 👁

We Are Sovereign

No Government Owns Us

We Are Not Their Slaves

by isolating people, they become sad and depressive

by censoring people, they find new and creative ways to communicate.

how come people believe the news, when it is the biggest and most obvious absurdity of lies in the universe ?



The Great Awakening

what they have convinced you of, is not the real reason for the mandates

do you think for yourself, or do you think the way you were educated to think ?

when watching the news, do you believe it ? or do you see mind control ?


Buy Attempting to Control Us, You Awaken Our Infinite Spirit & Innate Powers

by attempting to enslave us through your fear-based disinformation, you ignited The Great Awakening

We R ElectroMagnetic Beings

We R Pure Consciousness

A New Humanity Is Being Birthed

The Big Tech Orwellian Dystopian Agenda

Is Now On The Surface

for Everyone 2 C or Remain Blind

We R Co-Creating A World

We Want To Be A Part Of


by distancing people,

they can no longer connect as humans

by masking people, their humanity is taken from them

what is worse, the so-claimed virus or the impact of the restrictions ?

my work speaks to those who see through the illusionary veils of the matrix. throughout my life, I have perceived what others did not, which made it difficult to be seen and understood. this is what happens when you perceive beyond the lies of society and see through the global mind control. our consciousness defines our reality. by expanding our awareness, we start to see dimensions of reality that supersede the educational systems and everything we are told is reality. this opens gates and portals that can only be seen by those who have certain clairvoyant abilities. the magic is that we all have these special gifts, but they have been shun and shut down since our birth by society instead of being nourished, developed and cultivated. this explains why so many are not aware of who they truly are, as this link ⛓ has been disconnected early on. I am one of the ones with a direct connection to realms that the majority of people do not know exist while unconsciously rejecting their very own essence. at the same time, there is a growing global network of those who see what I see and beyond. thanks to 2020 and now 2021, my purpose as a soul in a human body has amplified… I share for those who are able to receive. ❤️ my life is being completely re-created due to what is happening on this planet at this very moment. because of my unique sight, I am sharing what I feel in my heart as part of the reason why I am here. this is why those who see, value my existence here and know that my presence on earth is part of the great awakening, which was amplified by the plandemic.