“We are Spirit... but the Western World denies this, our very essence. It is done to psychologically tame us, but once we awaken to our divine power, ‘they’ can no longer control us and we then transform this Dystopia into the Eutopia our heart and higher-self are deeply connected to.”



WILLPOWER is a Multidisciplinary Artist & Performer combining coding, electrical engineering and Architecture to create immersive and interactive audiovisual performances & installations. He brings to life spatial experiences that transcend the mind of the audience into realms of imagination, in order to enter deeper layers of their inner reality through the heart. 


He is a HipHop Artist with his own genre ElektroHipHop. He produces, writes and records his albums while producing and directing his music videos.


The purpose of his art & music is to create positive uses of technology while sharing his message of diverse unity and freedom (to think, speak and live the life we choose). So many express their disdain for technology because of how corporations, governments and their counterparts are using it. It is not because technology is used to spy on humanity and silence their voice that it is bad. It is the intention behind it that is to be questioned. Technology in itself is neutral. As we see the emergence of the Data Cities / surveillance states, many are terrified at the idea that they will be imprisoned in a digital matrix with no rights for reasons of ‘safety’ and ‘security’. This creates fear around technology. But again, it is not technology, it is the purpose behind those who are using it that matters.

George Orwell told us these days were coming, but for the longest, it was called science fiction or conspiracy. I told people in 1995 that there were projects to implant chips in humans and people laughed at me. Now, we see these projects on the global mainstream media.

“Growing up, people attempted to put me in boxes and separate life into compartments... I see all things as part of the whole... interconnected... being a Polymath is a natural progression of following what excites my spirit.”


WILLPOWER brings his spiritual awareness into his art to share his idea of opening our heart to other’s differences. Human Freedom is a driving force behind his purpose. WILLPOWER’s installations create magical spaces for humans to become curious, in a state of discovery and playfulness, in order to awaken multidimensional awareness.

WILLPOWER sees Eutopia as the New Normal on earth.


Alchemy Warrior of Love, Inner Peace and Freedom.

Committed to the Evolution of Human Consciousness and Living from The Heart.

The ability to understand opposing perspectives.

Tapping into the nature of the mind and how it creates illusions we see as reality.

“I came here to spread my voice and dissolve the chains of an increasingly slave planet.”


As a child, he wondered why the Western World and educational system forced us into a Materialistic understanding of life with complete denial of our Divine Spirit Essence.

He is a highly intuitive being, living from his heart, following his passion and soul guidance.

Although he currently lives in urbanism, he balances it with going into nature to connect with our mother, as she is our healer and nurturer. She is vital to us, especially now, in stress-based societies. It is where he feels the vibrations of earth healing his physical and emotional bodies… He stays away from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-organic foods and all artificial chemical substances that destroy the environment and human health. Although he claims to not have the answers, he is on his quest through his own research and practice to discover what has yet to be integrated in the mainstream limited perceptions.

Even though he uses technology to create, his work aims to remind humans of their non-physical essence to co-create a New Earth of love, compassion, well-being and balance at its root.

He was born in Toulon, France while simultaneously growing up in Paris, New York, Milan and Los Angeles.

WILLPOWER’s installations and performances have been in Berlin, New York, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles.

If you asked him where he is from, he would say “I’m an Universal Being.”


WILLPOWER has been observing and watching geopolitics since he was a child. At 11, he started reading books about the colonization of the world by European nations. It gave him a unique perspective on globalism, since he was a child. The role of corporations, bureaucracy, now technocracy, the educational system, centralized banking, media, propaganda, the United Nations, natural resources, import/export businesses, tariffs, entertainment, video games, the energy industry, big pharma, agriculture… He noticed corelations between all these topics and started seeing patterns… to the point of reading through the veil of mainstream media with an acute sight. He sees how colonization lead to the globalized world we are in today. There are things happening on this planet that are mysteries to the majority…
WILLPOWER is fascinated by the power of perception and how the subconscious mind directs our life unknowingly. He lives in his heart, is learning to trust his intuition, using his feelings as guides, connecting him to a higher aspects of self, beyond the brain’s dualistic nature and analytical maze.
Gratitude and Faith are strong elements to how he keeps evolving. Inspiration and Passion are at the core of his drive. We can view the world from many angles… We can look at how dark it is, we can look at how amazing and fantastical it still is. Being a Gemini, it is in his nature to see both… seeing 2 sides of the same coin. His life is about the alchemy of the 2… learning step by step.


WILLPOWER has been an independent artist funding his own research, development and projects to bring his ideas to life. It results in Immersive Audiovisual Performances and Interactive Architectural Installations. The tools he uses are open-source based, such as programming languages and electrical components. He is now seeking funding to push the envelope.

WILLPOWER codes with a different approach than a developer… He codes from an artistic perspective as a form of expression. He uses inputs via sensors, to output visuals and sounds. WILLPOWER focuses on open source tech such as Arduino, Electronics, Sensors, LEDs, openFrameworks, Shaders and Lasers as his paints and brushes to tell stories in the form of Performative Arts & Installations following Architectural and Natural Structures.

His goal is to create mind bending realities as a way to redefine the Human Experience outside of the boundaries that have been set for thousands of years, in order to break open into new exciting possibilities that unite and celebrate diversity.


After seeing the censorship and suppression of human expression by big tech in 2020, WILLPOWER deleted his fakebook/instaspam/dwitter/whatsthat/jinxedIn accounts and others. He saw their small minded ways of wanted to control human perception and did not want to be part of their dark agenda. When doing research, he found that they were using our devices to spy on us and our friends. They gather our data from cookies, tracking, geolocation, social media posts and more to block certain results in searches for example, to limit what we see and guide us towards how they want us to think. He felt that this was a breach of trust and ethical business. Mac’s operating system Catalina blocked the open source technologies that WILLPOWER used for this work, so he stopped working on macOs and switched to Linux Ubuntu ! This made him very happy as he started discovering deeper layers of technology and the internet. He is now focusing on decentralization, blockchain, sustainable crypto and off grid communities of free thinkers who see through the illusion of mass media bias and its 1 dimensional spectrum of consciousness. Not that everything is the mainstream is bad, but there is so much more to life and our potential.

WILLPOWER hand makes the clothes he wears and has his pieces available for purchases on his website WILLPOWER FLOW