Willpower is a Multidisciplinary Artist combining Coding, Electronics and Architecture to create Immersive Interactive Audiovisual Installations and Performances. The purpose is to create spatial experiences that spark imagination in the mind of those present, in order to tap into deeper aspects of their inner reality.


He was born in Toulon, France while simultaneously growing up in Paris, New York, Milan and Los Angeles.

Willpower’s installations and performances have been in Berlin, New York, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles.

He is based in Berlin.

Willpower has been an independent artist funding his own research to bring his ideas to life. It results in Immersive Audiovisual Performances and Interactive Architectural Installations. The tools he uses are open-source based, such as programming languages and electrical components.

He is mostly autodidact in Code and Electrical Engineering, which is the basis of all his work. He codes with a different approach then a developer… Willpower codes from an artistic perspective as a form of expression. He uses inputs via sensors, to output visuals and sounds. He started with Macromedia Flash, then moved on to Processing which was designed for artists. He now focuses on Arduino, Electronics, Sensors, LEDs, openFrameworks and Shaders as his paints and brushes to tell stories in the form of Performative Arts & Installations.

Willpower’s goal is to create mind bending realities while developing new technologies as a way to redefine the Human Experience outside of the boundaries that have been set for thousands of years, in order to break open into new exciting possibilities that unite and celebrate diversity.