WILLPOWER STUDIOS is the Light & Sound Studio / Tech Lab of artist WILLPOWER.

He does Immersive Audiovisual Performances and creates Spatial Interactive Installations.

WILLPOWER develops his own tech in the process.


The purpose of the work is to realize Unity Consciousness, seeing the interconnectivity of all that is… from which derived his slogan WE R 1. Raising our awareness, beingness, nowness to a frequency so high that we transform our inner self to impact the collective. We now see through the illusions of The Matrix, creating the New Earth. Eutopia is the New Normal.

Trust The Process

WILLPOWER STUDIOS bases its work on Research & Development to alchemise original ideas into life. Combining Performative Arts, Music, Interactivity, Architecture, Creative Coding & Electrical Engineering, new forms of expression are created for the purpose of Storytelling and conveying messages with the intention of connecting diverse people in physical spaces.

Enter New Realms

The Immersive Audiovisual Performances and Interactive Environments open a new dimension in the psyche, where through the stimulation of their senses, the audience enters a new reality of wonder.