My name is Willpower LifeForce. I call myself an Universal Being. I am more then my body and appearance. I created a logo which reads ‘WE R 1’. It summarizes my purpose on earth this time around. To unite humanity in its diversity by realizing our interconnectivity on the material plane and within our ethereal nature. We are going from ego consciousness to love vibration in order to make life on earth a free peaceful loving creative supportive journey.

My installations invite people to experience a heart opening and emotional transformation together, as humans of all differences… They ignite their imagination and play to have fun, interacting physically.

In this age, screen based technologies are highly funded, so I focus on the human connection and how technology can bring us closer instead of further apart. I show people who think electronics are all bad and disconnects humans that it can have the opposite affect of this perception… tech in itself is neutral. It is the intention behind its fabrication and use that helps shape its impact.