Inspired by 5 year old friend Lawrie, in the wild mountains of Central Portugal, WILLPOWER created a motion reactive light.
The lights turn on when placing hand in front of the sensor.
Different colors are triggered based on the distance.
The Lawrie Light is mobile.
It can be carried around, placed in different locations, hung, used as a flash light, for camping, partying, setting the vibe…

In creation with Lawrie (above)


Light Face



I created the mask and used led animations by Scott Marley’s open source project on Github.

My goal is to develop my own animations.

Check out the process below


Yo ! View LIGHT FACE as a finished project HERE 👈

Buy One HERE 👈


voltage divider

Voltage Divider - Bend Sensor controls LEDs

190317 - Voltage Divider > Sensor to control LEDs

The player above has 2 videos:

They show the tests of the bend sensor affecting the red led.

The first video uses a Flora board by adafruit.

In the second one, I am testing the ATtiny85 which ended up being the chosen microcontroller.

The sketchbook notes shows how the Voltage Divider works.

It ables me to turn the ohm changes from the sensor into voltage for analog reading by the microcontroller.

ATtiny85 to light LEDs


ATtiny AVR programmer by Sparkfun / ATtiny85 lighting up 2 LEDs from 2 different pins for the lulu as part of the KOBA Wicked Winterschool.