eTextile Multi-Touchpad Playing Synth

190630 - Multi-Touchpad Playing Synth !

The intention behind the research and development of a multi-touchpad is to see if it is a good sensor to integrate with a Body Suit.

I was able to generate sounds by touching / tapping / pressing each one of the touchpads.

View images below to see how the Paper Touchpad was made.

Tools: Arduino & openFrameworks

Challenge: Drum sounds created noise whereas the synth wav worked beautifully.

Fixed ! with an ‘if’ statement in openFrameworks, saying that ‘if the value is smaller then the current threshold && bigger then the previous && the current file is loaded, do not play !

I learned how to make this multi-touch sensor from attending workshop by  KOBAKANT and vvvv.

The images below show how the etextile piece was made.

The images below show how the paper & copper prototype was made.

The images below show the workshop by KOBAKANT & VVVV.

2 bend sensors analog read arduino etextiles

Bend Sensor + Multi-Touchpad Read In Arduino and Visualized in openFrameworks

190524 - Bend Sensor Read In Arduino and Visualized in openFrameworks

2 Bend Sensors being visualized.

Reading serial in oF via ofxSimpleSerial to read both separate inputs.

In Arduino, I’m using the INPUT_PULLUP in order to use the internal 20k ohm resistor as a voltage divider.

A0 + A1 as analog pins for both sensors and the other Ground pins for the other side with the alligator clips.

I learned about creating matrices during Make Your Own Multi-Touchpad Workshop.

We read the serial values using vvvv, a commercial toolkit for visual programming, as well as Processing, a JAVA based language.

Since openFrameworks is my tool of choice, I used it to write an app to visualize Multi-Touchpads.



I performed using my Audiovisual Instrument the ‘Willpower Theremin’ at Spektrum Berlin as a part of MOVLAB #28

I then invited the public @ Spektrum Berlin to play with the Willpower Theremin 🖐🏻🖐🏿

It was joyful to see the people having fun with it ! 🤟🏾🔊

The original Theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact. It was invented by Léon Theremin of Russia who patented it in 1928. I created my version by adding a visual component amongst other differences… I coded the Sound and Visuals in openFrameworks, an open-source C++ framework… used 2 infrared sensors via Arduino to capture the distance of my hands in mid air to control amplitude and frequency of the Oscillator (Sound) while mapping them to a x/y axis for the visuals to be animated symbiotically with the audio, via hands in motion ✋😸🤚. The purpose is to create Music + Graphics with the natural movements of the human body.” ☺️🎼🎨🔊👩🏽‍🎤🖤

If you like what I am developing and would like to Support the Research & Development Division of WILLPOWER STUDIOS, you can become a patron here:

The Hardware is still in prototype mode here in the image below.

Willpower Theremin

The Willpower Theremin V1 🔊
Finally got a first version of the theremin going 🙌🏿 Using an ultrasound ( sound frequency)and infrared ( sound amplitude )sensors to detect distance, allowing me to move freely in space to produce sounds.
The bass is crazy with a low frequency of 20hz but cannot be heard through the 💻
Coded the Software in oF, using Arduino Micro as a microcontroller
This is fun 🤸🏿‍♂️

The very first one. Using an ultrasound sensor to trigger sounds based on linear hand movements.

Next steps:

  • Introduce other musical sounds
  • develop 3D visuals
  • ways to change sounds
  • study ways other apps make music
  • apply similar changes to visuals