WILLPOWER has 20 years of experience in Graphics. He started his Design education in 2002 and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with Honors in 2007 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

His high level abilities range from Graphic Design, to Logo Design, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Creative Coding, Projection Art, Interactive Animations for websites…

WILLPOWER has done projects for TikTok, UNESCO, MTV Europe, AUTISM SPEAKS non-profit, South Florida Ford, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Samsung, DHL, AXA…

He was a Finalist of the Adobe Awards in Interactive Design and Winner of Hack + Tell Berlin for Best Software.

Please view his collection of projects below.

Client: TikTok via Hackerloop

Job: Create interactive installation for private boat party in Paris for it’s biggest accounts.

Skills applied for job: Creative Coding, Interactive Experiences for Events.

2018, Berlin — Paris

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Client: Astana Music

Astana Music is a Los Angeles based record label owned by George Brown of Academy Award Winning group Kool & The Gang.

Several projects were accomplished for Astana Music, starting with their logo.

Job: Logo Design, 3D Animation.

2012-2021, Los Angeles – Berlin

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Logo for Astana Music’s artist Chelsea

Job: Logo

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Job: Single Artwork above

Client: The United Nations

United Nations poster pitch collab with designer Jana Frieling.

Job: Poster

2006, Los Angeles – New York

Client: UNESCO

7 Posters for 4 international UNESCO conferences with a goal:
Education for All by 2015.

2009, Paris

Client: Snapscore (start-up)

Job: Motion Designer.

2014 – 2015, Miami

Client: Snapscore (start-up)

Job: UI/UX Designer for browser app (desktop/tablet/mobile responsive)

2014 – 2015, Miami

Client: Miami Symphony Orchestra

Job: Creative Coding – making a logo pitch sound reactive.

2011, Los Angeles

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Client: Marion Py

Job: Logo + EP Cover.

2021, Berlin -> Paris

Client: The Hall Effect (Rock Band)

Job: Logo + Website

2021, Berlin -> Paris

Client: Edenwild Studios (porcelain jewelry company)

Job: Logo

2010, Paris