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As the left arm is bent, light animations are triggered.

I made this project as a student of the KOBA Wicked Winterschool where I learned about eTextiles ✂️ 🧥💡 🔋

A custom circuit board was made, conductive ⚡️ thread 🧵 and fabric 🧶 were used…

This is the first prototype.

~ Willpower LifeForce of WILLPOWER STUDIOS

Slideshow of Jacket Lit Up

Slideshow of Jacket Design


Initial Sketches

Circuit Board Design including an ATtiny85 Microcontroller, the triangular board to be of Kapton material, Copper connections from the ATtiny85 to its pins, a resistor for the voltage divider, a connection to the lulu’s (eTextile addressable LEDs), a power source which ended up being 3V instead of 5V and the bend sensor.

Red = Power, Black = Ground, Other colors = Data

Programming the 2 LED lights to the ATtiny85 based on the bend sensor that will flow through the fiber optic cable carrying the light of the jacket.

Programming the ATtiny85 microcontroller to control the lulu LEDs based on the bend sensor‘s data.

The process of making the circuit board during the KOBA Wicked Winterschool was so much fun !

Circuit Board: ATtiny85 as microcontroller.

Vynil cutter to cut Kapton into triangular shape and copper tape for conductive thread.

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The process of making the eTextile Bend Sensor using Conductive Thread, Conductive Fabric and Velostat.

Sketches and Notes

Finalizing the ATtiny85 Circuit Board

Sewing the jacket whose pattern was created by a very talented Fashion Designer. It involved the Copper Conductive Thread, the 3V coin cell battery holder, the circuit board, 2 lulus, 2mm of diameter fiber optic cable, the bend sensor and running final tests.

All images and videos by WILLPOWER STUDIOS

Made at KOBAKANT during the Wicked Winterschool and then @ WILLPOWER STUDIOS