WILLPOWER STUDIOS created 2 Immersive Audiovisual Interactive Installations for LA Event in Echo Park organized by Chains Club of Hamburg. We met at the bi-monthly LAVA Meetup (Los Angeles Video Artists). CRY$PY C Deejayed. Shout out to Xuli !

The ‘Duality’ installation is the colorful one, in which I transformed the windows into double-sided screens. By projecting onto them from the inside, they could also be experienced from outside as a visualization of sound since the 3D Animation was reacting to the DJ’s mix in real-time.

It happened in Echo Park, LA.

May 2018

The second installation (video above) ‘Dimensions of Perception’ creates the optical illusion of floating in space… It appears as a holographic moving image, similar to ones I’ve seen in Sci-fi films but instead of being in actual 3D / 4D space, it creates the illusion from a 2D Surface, using 3D Animations… The glass multiplied the reflections in many different angles and distances.
I started playing with this idea a while back and decided to put it to the test without knowing what would happen, ready to accept all failures. To my surprise, magic happened beyond what I expected.

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