Human Scale Light & Sound Expedition Instrument

Exhibition at Kang Contemporary  —  Berlin 01.23.20–02.22.20

“OFF PLANET: Human Scale Light and Sound Expedition Instrument gathers participants to realize visual composing, interactive play, and engagement with others through several intentional mediums. Physical approach to the self-sustaining space initiates various light and sound frequencies. Some visible and some undetectable to the human eye, each wavelength translates one’s physical movements to a responsive light source: either a soft white light generated by 60 milli-amp RGB-LED lights or, depending on one’s proximity, to the warming rays of a 20 milli-amp infrared color intended as progressive development to Red Light Therapy. Moreover, tactile connection with the piece or the movement of waving of one’s hands emits the sounds of melodic musical notes- creating a musical composition incited entirely by participants’ gestures or touch. The installation, or participation, is designed to bridge not only the relationship amongst the people in the space, but especially the relationship we have with our corporeal identity and imaginative states.
OFF PLANET: Human Scale Light and Sound Expedition Instrument alchemizes
Willpower’s purpose to lift the human experience into a journey outside of our everyday existence by inviting audiences to interact in an awakening and emotional transformation collectively. The intentionality of the installations transforms the perfunctory roles of rigid public spaces such as plazas, working environments, event halls, transport hubs, health and wellness institutions amongst others, to that of vibrant, receptive, and dynamic healing spheres where individuals are afforded the opportunity to generate a more holistic and playful experience of human physicality, connection, and inspiration. His contributions remind us that technology is a spectrum of various tools that are available for benefiting humanity and we have the power to imagine, shape, and compose our relationship to tech and to one another.”

– Written by Rhea Ramjohn

OFF PLANET Jam Session Below

A 4-meter 4-sided light structure changing colors, patterns while generating sounds, based on human activity.

How it works: The lights react to human movement and touch in real time.

By moving your hands 🖐🏿🤟🏽🖖🏻 back and forth in front of the laser, ‘OFF PLANET Sounds’ are activated and resonate throughout the space. The Lights in front of you change in accordance with your movements as well. 🤸🏽‍♂️

There is a glass vase in which you can dip your finger 👇🏻👆🏽👇🏿 and as it touches the water, sounds and lights interact.

At ninety degrees from it is a plant 🌱 that you touch to animate the light in front of you as well as the sound.

OFF PLANET has 4 elements: The red light represents Fire 🔥 Moving our hands in space is the Air 🌪 element. Each 1 one of the 4 sides of the instrument represents an element. The 2 others are water💧and earth 🌷. The Human is the 5th element, Spirit.

Process: Video Documentation

The Opening Was Liiiiive !!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Slideshow of the opening

OFF PLANET - light & sound installation by WILLPOWER

Photos of the opening

When the installation was finalized, after 4 sleepless nights with intense work.


The Catalogue 


Advertising / Promo

Installation – Process

An Explanation about the title OFF PLANET

3D Visualization

Process: Video Documentation

The purpose of my exhibitions is to create interactive light and sound spaces of magic where our imagination is ignited into realms of wonder, through human interactivity. Joy and fun are my goal. People having a happy time is what inspires my work.

So many people during the Opening were smiling and having fun that it made me feel blissful.

My work involves not knowing how I will accomplish my goals. I venture and research before finding my way.

The architecture inspired the form of the Light Structure. I played on the fact that the height of the ceiling is 5-meters. The structure hangs 50 cm from the ceiling and is floating 50 cm off the ground. In other words, it is suspended in space. You can see it from outside through Kang Contemporary’s magnificent 5 by 5 Meter window.

Tech Dev ⚡️ + Tests to make sure it all works before installing

Tools 🧰 used:

Teensy 3.2

Arduino IDE

Addressable LEDs

Ultrasonic sensors (distance)

Plants as touch sensors

Water as touch sensor

Laser diodes

Ableton Live


Tech Dev ⚡️ – Electrical Engineering / Software Development

Tech Dev ⚡️

Prototyping phase, when I started playing with distance sensors and turning the data into sound. Then, I used the plant as an organic material for a source of interaction with an earth element. This playful improvisational process brought my vision to life.

Content Credits:

3 Photos by Sara Khosrawi

6 Photos by Karen Axelrad

1 Video shot by Lightwriter

The rest is shot, edited and music by WILLPOWER

Special Thanks to the anonymous donor who made this exhibition possible.

Special Thanks to Kid Proto.

Thank you Kang Contemporary for the opportunity to exhibit my art in your Gallery and for finding the great writer Rhea Ramjohn to write for the catalogue. Thank you Rhea for your passion, amazing work and uplifting energy.

Special thanks to Khan Tech Berlin for guiding me towards how to use capacitive touch with a Teensy microcontroller.

Thank you Ingo for guiding me towards the OCTOWS Library.

Thank you Dillon for Ableton Live and showing me how it works with instruments and tricks for improving the sonic experience.

Thank you Hannah for renting me your studio space which allowed me to develop this work.

Thank you Streetcat Media for helping me with soldering and being supportive while I was under high pressure.

Thank you Izumi Yamamoto for helping me setup for a full day by holding the ladder as I was working 5-meters high, for taking photos of my process and lending me your studio monitors for the sound.

I dedicate this piece to my Pops and Aunt who have helped me stay alive and breathing in this world.

Thanks to mother for the support.

Thank you to all my friends who came !!!

Thank you Andro for so much support and @playtronica for coming by and for being big inspirations !!

Having special people around me made all the difference. it wouldn’t even be without them, so thank you 🙏🏾 🙏🏻

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