WILLPOWER was commissioned by HipHop Artist & Poet Caxxianne

to create a Sound Reactive Light Installation her music video,

which played an instrumental role in the creation of  TETRABA 🔺 

Behind The Scenes Slideshow Below  by Salma ElShami

Best viewed horizontally on mobile  and not too wide on desktop

More Behind The Scenes Content Below


A Floating Sound Reactive Light Structure

Tetra is short for tetrahedron, Ba is light is ancient Egypt. #AncientNew 🗿🛸

The Light reacts to Sound in real time.

I developed the electronics using #arduino and #AddressableLeds, made custom circuit boards with knobs and buttons to control and change the lights. It is mobile, meaning that it does not require a power outlet. It is self-sustained.

The #Tetrahedron structure represents the Fire element in the Platonic Solids. It is the simplest form with straight lines in this physical 3D reality. Suspended in the Air, above Earth, interacting with Spirit (Humans).

Slideshow below best viewed horizontally on mobile and not too wide on desktop

Video Below shows Sound Reactivity to my Drum Playing

The community wanted to participate and I felt happy to involve others and create an event together.

Video Below shows us testing it after installation, before event.



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