This is the music video for WE R FREE BEINGS off my EP Unmasking The Illusion


Music Video

Director: Ben Plefka

Co-Director: WILLPOWER

Editors: Ben Plefka & WILLPOWER

Camera: Ben Plefka

Camera Assistant: Jongwon Lee

Recording Artist / Performer: WILLPOWER

Dancer / Performer: Toan Le of The Funky Monkeys

Hologram Artist / Wearable Tech: WILLPOWER

Assistant: Claudius Lüdeking

Executive Producer: Izumi Yamamoto

Track: We R Free Beings


Recording Artist: WILLPOWER



For those who do not understand my message, take a deep breath, open your heart, relax your body, allow yourself to see life in ways you have never before.

Watch The Remix below produced by Neutral and edited by Ben Plefka 


As my Wearable Tech and Light Art create the world of this video, while rapping from a naturalist perspective, I embody both Spirituality and Futurism (Solar Punk).

Many fear technology and view it as evil. They do not understand it or judge it because of how governments, corporations and others use it. But technology in itself is neutral. It is about how we use it and for what. It can be weaponized the way big tech uses our data behind our back for their future endeavors, while at the same time be a tool of learning about one another or enabling us to help each other in new efficient ways. We are ElectroMagnetic beings. Technology is about using the invisible forces: electricity and magnetism. How we create with it, is a reflection of our own inner being.


I love engineering, so how can it also be conscious ?

Obviously, the way big business is destroying the planet is not prosperous, so how can we use technology to shift their dystopian timeline ?

I am into open source tech, where information is spread freely for everyone to learn. My linux laptop runs Ubuntu.



man wow, people are asleep 😴 

follow the government just like a 🐑 

hi-jack of humanity wow it’s deep

wearing those 😷 they cannot even breathe 🧘🏽‍♂️ 

mainstream media is hard to believe 

fear is the biggest contagious disease 🦠 

the mind controlled call it conspiracy 

sending them love, coz they just cannot see 🤷🏾‍♂️

we all live in our own reality 🧠 

but do not impose your dogma on me 

we live in a realm that they  can not see

my body’s not government property ⛓ 

censored on yt and also fb 

and after that they think that they are free ?

claiming that it is for their own safety 😂

now i’m laughing at the sad comedy 🤣😭



let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️ 

hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭 

one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️

no mind control, we see through that biz 👁





not connected to their divinity 

when their sick they go to the pharmacy 💊

not realizing the power of herbs 🌱🍄

they do what they’re told, call it the herd 🐑 

they do not even question or research 🧐

when they do it’s scientism at work 💉

that’s why we’re here to bring in the new earth 💛

dissolve the mind control started at birth 📚

our mind creates our reality ⚛️

in the matrix, they cannot see 👁

even if it’s right in front of their eyes 👀 

i’m grateful to see what is beyond the lies 

at least to have an inquisitive mind 🧠 

we are now living in amazing times 

they wanna implant you with microchips 

don’t do it if, it’s not your wish


slave planet human farm ⛓

transcend beyond this harm 



more are seeing what’s going on

time for a new civilization




let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️ 

hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭 

one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️

no mind control, we see through that biz 👁





The music came together while hanging out  with friends Izumi, his awesome dad, and Toan, sharing what we see happening in the world from our perspectives. Talented photographer and director Ben provided the best shoot I have had. Big thanks to Claudius for his huge help.


We dedicated our time to this for a message to play part in the global awakening of human kind. 

A labor of love. ♥️

Received help on set from friends and a magical angel 😇



‘WE R FREE BEINGS’ brings my work together: light art & wearable tech ( / Fashion as I wore my hand-made clothes ( / Creative Direction / video editing / song writing/recording/production/mixing ( / logo design ( / doing work for what I live for as a multidimensional being here to be part of the Great Awakening 👁


I was inspired and supported by a helping friend to write this song and the EP “Unmasking The Illusion”. What triggered me was the mask mandates, the mainstream fake news fake science mind control of the global population, the governments in bed with the medical industry, wearing a mask to protect others while even if true to a certain degree should not be mandated, big tech’s censorship of truth with the fact checkers which are all fake, their bias community guidelines, the fear-based disinformation that controls people, my humanity and human rights (whatever that means) being stolen by governments and corporations to further enslave the Human Race in an Orwellian Dystopian Digital Slave System… All for our safety right ? 🤣


This track is about freedom of thought, freedom to choose for our own health and how we show up in the world. It is about the mainstream not brain washing us with fear. We don’t impose our understanding on them, so they have no right to impose their senseless beliefs on us. 


‘WE R FREE BEINGS’ is inspired by our Will to be Free as human beings not bound by restrictive Totalitarian Technocratic delusional Dystopian rules. This is a call to Human Freedom as our birthright and the unmasking of the global deception and truth suppression through censorships of all kinds. 😷 


‘They’ do not want us to congregate. ‘They’ want to control us through our minds via ridiculous mainstream news, the educational system, the medical system, censorship of real information, the hidden and stolen monuments that prove the existence of intelligent ancient civilizations so that we do not question who we are, using us as a human farm… using us for our energy and resource just like what they are doing to the earth, destroying it until it is gone and the planet is turned into dust. If we do not question and believe what we are told, we live in the comfortable life they have designed for us… But this to me is the worst path one can take… Speak your truth, be part of the co-creation of an Eutopia, instead of feeding the dystopia we are directed into. It is up to us to choose, but first comes awareness, which is where the battle is staged.

This is not an easy topic to address, due to the fear-based programming around it, but 2020 made it clear that it is time. All the censorship and control should wake up those asleep… instead, they seem to keep digging themselves into deeper slumbers of unconscious enslavement.


Much love to Star Seeds and those who understand my message. ♥️

Much love to those in the Matrix who don’t get it as well. ♥️

WE R 1 ♥️ ☝🏾

If there is one thing that making the ‘Unmasking The Illusion’ EP taught me, it is to be brave, have courage, and if you’re gonna make music, make it mean something powerful. ⚡️


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— WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE   ♥️🖖🏽✌🏼☝🏾🙌🏻🙏🏿♥️



The mass deceptive illusion has taken over people’s consciousness. 

I unmask the mainstream media narrative and fake science used to brainwash and mentally enslave the global population. I do it in a fun way to catalyze the inquisitive mind within those unknowingly trapped in the matrix. Each voice holds truth. I speak because the globalists have gone too far in taking away our humanity over a flu that kills less people then deaths from medical errors. When we look at the corruption behind this whole scamdemic, how can we keep turning a blind eye and just do what we are told like slaves ? could it be all the fear-based mind control we’ve received since birth which are now deep in our unconscious minds, guiding us subconsciously ? well, now is a good time to awaken! you don’t have to of course, you can keep believing in the global deception as truth like the majority who are told what to think and when 🧐

The global censorship of the silicon valley big tech companies tells it all 😉 


This project is about freedom of expression. Those who do not want people to think for themselves censor the most valuable information on their platforms and call it misinformation, while what they are spreading is disinformation. This is why I deleted my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp accounts. They act like they tell the truth but the fact checkers are part of the biggest liars in human history. The world leaders that people idolize so much keep creating dystopia… but is that we you want ? Don’t you want to live in truth & infinite beauty ? I do. 


Why not talk and have peaceful dialogues if we live in a democracy? Are we actually in a democracy if good people with the most valuable information are censored ? or are we really in an autocratic technocracy ? Why do people verbally attack others on social media instead of being respectful in their communication ? Why are people afraid to express themselves openly in honesty ?

Just some questions for you to ponder on… 


I am not sharing my perspective to fight and lose friends. I am doing so to express what I see because it is affecting my life in a way that I find ridiculous, such as having to wear masks against once will. Sharing is also fun and feels freeing. It feels like I’m accomplishing my role here as an infinite soul in a human avatar body. If it can help someone open their minds, then that’s awesome, but that will not likely happen, but it could plant a seed 🌱 


What 2020 has shown me, is that George Orwell knew what the global agendas were, and told us ahead of time.

It is now up to us to rise up to why we came to this human experience, which for me is to live in eutopia, joy, fun, health, prosperity, creativity, freedom and love. 


Much love to the Star Seeds and those who understand my message.

Much love to those who reject it as well. 

WE R 1  ♥️🖖🏽✌🏼☝🏾🙌🏻🙏🏿♥️


If there is one thing making this ep taught me it’s, be brave, have courage, and if you’re gonna make music, make it mean something powerful.



It is not easy to spread light on the illusion spread in the mainstream because it triggers deep fears in people who do not see it. I allow myself to be loose and not take life so seriously.

Let’s Keep Spreading Love


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You can view the process I went through to build LIGHT FACE below.

I learned a lot from Scott Marley's videos on YouTube and Wow-Electron to make this LED Mask which is my first. More to come...

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