VCO with Bela

Voltage Controlled Oscillator with Bela

I’m created this VCO using Bela ( and following their C++ Real-Time Audio course. This is for lecture 6. I’m learning about this microcontroller which is attached to a BeegleBone computer. it’s as small as a microcontroller, amazing. It’s fun to learn about these tech tools. I’ve made instruments in the past using Arduino, Teensy, openFrameworks (C++), and MIDI. The Bela course is teaching me about optimizing real-time audio as their microcontroller is 10x times faster then MIDI…ideal for live performances. I’m taking the time to learn to see how I want to build my instrument… a lot of noise in this video, but I would like to create harmonious sounds… The potentiometers use a voltage divider to send voltage to Bela, which is mapped to frequency, amplitude and a detune algorithms. Fun stuff 🙂
Frequency and amplitude are visualized in the plotter. I used potentiometers, a FSR sensor and an eTextile bend sensor I made.

eTextile Multi-Touchpad Playing Synth

190630 - Multi-Touchpad Playing Synth !

The intention behind the research and development of a multi-touchpad is to see if it is a good sensor to integrate with a Body Suit.

I was able to generate sounds by touching / tapping / pressing each one of the touchpads.

View images below to see how the Paper Touchpad was made.

Tools: Arduino & openFrameworks

Challenge: Drum sounds created noise whereas the synth wav worked beautifully.

Fixed ! with an ‘if’ statement in openFrameworks, saying that ‘if the value is smaller then the current threshold && bigger then the previous && the current file is loaded, do not play !

I learned how to make this multi-touch sensor from attending workshop by  KOBAKANT and vvvv.

The images below show how the etextile piece was made.

The images below show how the paper & copper prototype was made.

The images below show the workshop by KOBAKANT & VVVV.