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WILLPOWER STUDIOS = Art + Music + Technology

Trandisciplinary Studio of WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE (William Ismael).

Writing software to create sensory Interactive & Immersive Experiences for Live Performances / Installations / Environments / Architectural Structures – through Projections. Creating original Music. Using sensors, leds, cameras, and other types of new hardware innovations.

The projections use the architecture of spaces and structures are built to create Interactive Immersive Environments.

To book Willpower for an Immersive Performance / Interactive Installation > Send A Message

VISUAL COMPOSER 2 : An Immersive Performance [ Controlling the Visuals with my hands + the Audio > All in Real-Time ]
View More HERE
Willpower during an AudioVisual Performance
View More HERE

The Unda : An Interactive Installation // Details HERE

OUT OF THIS WORLD : Building AudioVisual projection at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami

OUT OF THIS WORLD : AudioVisual Performance with hand controlled animations

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View SOUND FOREST – A Visual Sonic Experience [Sound Generated Art + Performing Art] in detail HERE [Paris]

View SOUND FOREST – A Visual Sonic Experience [Sound Generated Art displayed with 3 Projectors as 1 image] in detail HERE [Paris]

View ASCENSION – Interactive Installation in detail HERE [Eyebeam, NYC]

VISUAL COMPOSER – Visual Performance [Berlin]

My latest album. Tracks created in Berlin, Paris, and Miami within a 3 months span.
My cousin Anthony was a huge inspiration as he taught me Ableton Live technics while in Berlin.

View SOUND BARS - [Performing Art] in detail HERE [Paris]

View COLOR WARRIORS – Interactive Installation / Mapping in detail HERE [YO AMO 305, Miami]


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The name WILLPOWER is a self-given name I adopted as official once it was in print on the back of a friend’s album where I flowed a few rhymes. It signifies the burning desire in our heart to be who we truly are in this lifetime, doing what is deep inside us… in my case, soul expression through art / music / technology.  Living the highest vision of ourselves, which evolves with our consciousness.

STUDIOS is because a place where music is created is called a studio. A place where photography is shot and where other visual works are made is called a studio. As an artist, I create using a multitude of disciplines; so I use studio in plural… studios.

A place of inspiration, imagination, creation, discovery, and fun !

Music Video for song GOD BODY off my album Universal Beings [Paris]

It is not about the destination, it is about the process.


WILLPOWER STUDIOS only does ‘Open Projects’ (Carte Blanche).
I am an artist staying true to my integrity as a creator.

My process involves visualization and feeling.
From a visualization, I start drawing / sketching.
I sometimes collect images that inspire me.
Most of the time, I start working by diving into it directly and things happen.
I am a programmer.
I program apps as little brains that help me create art.
Kind of like Santa’s little helpers…
It is fun to create using the logic left side of the brain, and also the creative right side of the brain to make AudioVisual Art.

The process can involve many different forms of communication and tools.
What is interesting about being a programmer is being able to create an infinite amount of tools.
Besides writing my own software, I use paper, paint, video, photography, music, illustration, typography, 3D, markers, walls, spaces, and whatever else comes up during the process.

I create from my heart.
I put my heart into it.
As artists, we are driven by a deeply rooted desire to stay true to ourselves with integrity.
What we do comes from our soul, it is profound, and powerful.



~Willpower LifeForce

Music Video for my song 'SOMETHING YOU LOVE' - Shot by KERIAN - Edited + Animation + Music + Recording + Lyrics by Willpower LifeForce / WILLPOWER STUDIOS

Do You Have A Purpose ?


Creating visual, sonic, and sensory experiences comes from a place of love. There is an energy of passion behind what I do. Our actions have a direct affect on the planet, and thus the universe. Knowing that, we align ourselves with the reason why we are here… our purpose in life. Spirituality connects us to our soul. Put Your Heart Into It. Through acting upon the heart instead of the mind, a direct connection is made, while the mind stays limited to perception.


WILLPOWER STUDIOS taps into science and technology to create Art, knowing that science is a human perspective, we also tap into our intuitive wisdom, which we all came to this planet with.  Many live to have jobs making money to live a life they have been told to live. We believe in being the change we want to see in the world. The monetary system forces all of us to work around the limitations of society. But we are part of a rising human consciousness of love, unity & sharing where new ways of living that are sustainable are being implemented. It’s about art. It’s about doing what we love. It’s about living in bliss.

UNIVERSAL BEINGS: My latest lyrical album which I also played all the music for. It is available on iTunes


As an artist, I live to express myself through the art I create by blending analog and digital techniques; from programming to painting.
I aim to create a world, a planet where you come and have a special experience with other people you would not have met otherwise.
My music is about speaking a profound truth within myself.
Living as an artist, I have had a very adventurous life full of lows and enough highs to realize that my purpose was greater than myself.
Within the lows, which have been plentiful, I have learned that they are actually opportunities for growth with a higher potential than the highs.
The highs come as rare surprises, and they remind me that all my sacrifice is worth it.
They are what I think about when I find myself in what may seem as the steepest valleys.

At first I was going to create a website just presenting my work but I decided to go deeper with words and my blog so that you can understand who I am beyond my portfolio of Visual Arts & Music.
Once you enter my world, you enter a special zone.
I am truly grateful that you are here, and even more that you are reading these words.

Let’s change the world together.
Let’s make it a place where we are loved and encouraged for being who we truly are.
Let’s get back to nature, let’s respect mother nature, animals, and all life forms.
We are doing it.
I am happy to be creating from my heart in these amazing times of human collective conscious expansion and awakening.

Love Infinite.


NEVA STOP NEVA QUIT is my Art & Tech Lab - A documentation of my process

Put Your Heart Into It