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is about who we are. Our body is our AVATAR. We are the soul, consciousness experiencing life on earth as humans, while still connected to truly are, which is spirit. We R 1.

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I find this topic primordial because the western atheist science religion has taken the soul out of the human. This is why we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, thinking that materialism is everything, believing the fakestream media when they said that we were all going to die due to a scamdemic... no. I'm here to remind you of who you truly are, just in case you forgot ;)

I shot this music video in 2 takes within a few minutes, right before taking down my installation Dimensional Door. A good friend had made comments about how much he loved the lyrics, which inspired me to shoot a music video for it.


you r not your body
you r not your country
you r not your nationality
you r not your j o b
what you r is a soul
pure spirit with a role
that is for u to find out
for that just take ur mind out
follow ur heart and intuit
seek the truth are find your reason
different fruits for different season
overcome tough challenges
channel higher messages
when u see just who you r
you’ll realize we’re avatars


people having babies with
no idea of who they are
is their reason selfish
they gave birth to an avatar
to a soul, more then a human
that they will raise on their views man
which are based on a society
an illusion they call reality
end up working for a system
polluting the earth, the mind of children
out of your ego into your heart
we are 1 we are not apart
no matter the color of eyes
we are 1 here under the sky
one organism, life of wonder
but controlled by divide and conquer
let us tap into the magic
into the beauty and fantastic
life is not fixed it’s elastic
strength and balance with gymnastics