WILLPOWER is a new media artist & performer using light and sound as his mediums.

He creates immersive & interactive installations + spatial audiovisual performances to share his messages with humanity.

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WILLPOWER develops his own tech using open-source electronics and coding frameworks.

He shares his research & development process in the TechLab.


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Let's Collab.

Would you like to co-create a transcending spatial experience ?  Immersive Audiovisual and Tactile Interactivity creates magical moments that connect us.

Do you need wearable tech for performances online, onstage or for films ? Would you like Holographic Projections to be involved in a certain context ? Sound Reactive LEDs that dress up an architectural space or worn on the body as a garment are glimpses of what is possible.

If you also see it in your visions, drop me line




Made in Berlin, Germany.

Awesome mask you can wear to go out, use for live streams and whatever else you’d like to use it for !

Free Shipping In Germany 

7-14 days delivery. Delays can occur due to the global lockdowns of the planet.

Powerbank (battery) included !

For custom masks, please send message


To Pay in Crypto, send funds to a wallet address HERE


LIGHT FACE is fully hand made by WILLPOWER. It is made of cardboard, a plastic sheet, LEDs, electronics, a strap to hold it tight around your head. A small powerbank battery powers it for several hours and can be recharged via USB. The circuit is protected by a neoprene fabric (circuit pack) inside LIGHT FACE and lies on top of the chin, holding the mask stable on the face, while a soft foam overlaid by neoprene balances it on the forehead.

It was designed for an adult size face. For custom designs, please send message

Since the power and electronics are fully embedded within the mask, there isn’t a cord that goes into your pocket or dangling electronic wires. It is well encapsulated.

There are 10-12 animation mode you can switch to via a push button. There are 2 sound reactive modes, where your voice and external sounds are triggering the LEDs.

Mask Animations by open source files from Scott Marley.


Photography by Leon Merrison-Thieme.


Images on the left (above on mobile) and videos below show and explain how it is made and experienced.



LIGHT FACE is always tested to make sure it functions properly before being sent.

No Refunds.

Repair is €50/day + cost of parts & shipment.


To Pay in Crypto, send funds to a wallet address HERE

To pay via paypal or credit card, click below 🙂

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Willpower is no longer on social media but you can join his Telegram Group.