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The new album NUTOPIA
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Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Master: NJ Crisp
Artistic Director: WILLPOWER
Photography: Sophie
Graphic Design: WILLPOWER
Fashion Designer: WILLPOWER
eTextiles: WILLPOWER
Executive Producer: WILLPOWER


Laptop: Carbon X1 Yoga by Lenovo
Operating System: Pos_OS! (Linux)
Software: Bitwig
Hardware: Presonus Audiobox USB 96 Sound Card + Presonus M7 Microphone + Pioneer DJ - HDJ CUE 1 Headphones
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The Music Video
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Director of Photography: Sophie
Graphic Design: WILLPOWER
Light Installation: WILLPOWER
Light Face (LED Mask): WILLPOWER
Fashion Designer: WILLPOWER


nUtopia was released 07.23.23. The Most Amazing Music Video, on 8.8.23.
WILLPOWER dives into difficult but necessary thoughts to highlight the fact that the times we are in are the most amazing as we can co-create the world we actually want to thrive in !

We have been programmed on a subconscious level through repetition of lies that govern society. nUtopia is about freedom of speech (which is under attack by calling it misinformation) and liberation. What inspired WILLPOWER's music since 2020 is the acceleration of the dystopian age (ignited by the plandemic) and 90% of the people's inability to see anything outside of their programming. They are too deep inside the dreamspell of the Simulatrix and may never ever realize it... Even those who claim to be spiritual, have their 3rd eye wide open and talk about aliens... This is the work of WILLPOWER. He knows that the aim to wake others up may seem pretentious as if he is better than, but that is not the intention... honest expression is. It can also be taken as, "he thinks he knows the truth"... He is aware that he may not but thinks that all of our thoughts deserve to be heard and not suppressed so that the mainstream lies are not the only ones people hear. The goal is to save ourselves from the dystopian timeline by speaking up and co-creating the type of life we want, nUtopia. If we remain asleep or keep going along just to get along or keep out mouth quiet due to fear, we will loose our freedom and become tracked Happy Slaves inside the Smart City open prison... Especially the next generations. It is happening now and people are oblivious to it or choose to ignore it, or call it conspiracy theory as if mainstream news and science were the truth to follow blindly. At the same time, he knows that it is pretty much impossible to wake anyone up. So, WILLPOWER decided to simply express his self to connect with the others and let the message do its work.

The Art behind the music video:
WILLPOWER makes eTextile clothes as costumes for his performances. He has been passionate about technology since his youngest age. He aims to show those who do not understand and think tech is evil, that it is neutral, and it's about using tools for our goals instead of hating what one does not understand. This has become his most passionate topic. Many live in judgement and fear due to poor understanding, which is disempowering. Learning tech will empower you because instead of being a victim of corporations and the state, you will know how to create more privacy and freedom in your life. It starts with awareness. Research and autodidacticism follow.

As a Light Artist, he is fascinated with making his own tech. WILLPOWER made an installation for the video named Octogonal Light Portal, in which he performs. He created his own Mobile Light Sytem which is energized by powerbanks. He also designs and sews all the clothes he wears. WILLPOWER made a T-Shirt that has LEDs on the sleeves and a button that changes the light animations. He is someone who loves making and creating as a way to make his art reflect is multi-faceted way of being. He is quite an interesting person because he blends things that oppose themselves for many people, but not to him. WILLPOWER shares his mind and imagination through his art. It is a labor of love and passion.

His music is a form of therapy for expressing ideas and thoughts by writing, vocalizing, performing... We live in a very polarized and divided world... even within liked minded communities but we also have many things in common, just not every aspect of ourselves. We may align in some things and completely oppose each other in others. Thus is the nature of being human.

WILLPOWER creates from a place of love deep down in his heart, even if a person perceives it differently. We are all here learning and experiencing. No one has all the answers. We are doing our best as humans on earth. It is not always easy, but it is also very magical to be here experiencing life... it is Most Amazing.

GOG (Geometry of God)
The Music Video
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Full HD YouTube / odysee

GOG (Geometry of God) is a term from my friend Kid Proto which he mentioned after I shared my work with 3D Sacred Geometry and Synergetics (by Buckminster Fuller and my friend StruPPi), including my study of the Golden Ratio and Fractals. The track is about this topic, as it is one of my passions and something I have been studying, researching and putting into practice since 2011.

The music video is a sudden, synchronistic 1-take improv inside of a Kemetic Temple. I have been studying Ancient Egypt and past civilizations since maybe 2017. I am still a youngster in my research and I truly love it. What they were doing at that time blows my mind. My performance is made with honor and respect to the temple. What the Ancient Egyptians were doing had everything to do with mathematics, spirituality, magic and more. It was a sacred place to film my improvised performance for GOG as I rap about some of those concepts and tools.


Director of Photography: Sophie
Graphic Design: WILLPOWER
Type Design + Animation: WILLPOWER

What Is nUtopia About ?

"I made this album to wake people up because I don't wanna live in a world where I'm told to be chipped to be a part of society."

7.23.23, WILLPOWER unleashed his new album nUtopia. What is nUtopia ?

He took the word Utopia and added the 'N' as New for the world we are co-creating to live outside of future control systems. It is basically a message of freedom and being proactive in creating the world we want to thrive in.
It is a term he coined for what he sees as the most amazing future possible for humanity. nUtopia is the infinite potential of human creativity linked with nature, spirit, purpose, goodness and creative tech. WILLPOWER dives deeper into what he sees as one of the the core issues: mind control and going along with what we know is not good. If billions are mind controlled into a narrative that they perceive as real, it is like wearing shackles on our minds. Or if we obey even though we know it's bullshit, what does that make us ? What future are we co-creating ? Even when it's not necessarily mind control, the mind creates our reality on a level beyond our perception. This is why WILLPOWER's aim is to spread his awareness and thoughts. At least stretch the mind outside of its societal mental prison box. He is learning everyday and fumbles like everyone else, it is part of being human. There is no shame in it. As we stumble, we learn. It is the dynamic of Yin & Yang. He sees it as a duty to speak and share his understanding with others to help save the world from the A.I. digital enslavement planned for humanity.

"nUtopia is the culmination of my 2020-2022 experience. I had to express it to release my compressed energy, feelings and thoughts. Music is therapy."

"What gave life to this album is the extent to which people do not question what they are told by their authorities, by big media, their narrative using science as the reason to do whatever they tell you, the educational system, the politicians, the global banking groups, the centralized banking system, corporatism, big tech, entertainment, video games, the lack of sight we have as a collective... Many are speaking up, but few are hearing us... In society, people who see what is happening are afraid to speak out of fear of being demonized, canceled, accounts shut down, attacked and fired from their job. This is how controlled humanity has become. I am grateful for 2020 because it brought so much evil up to the surface for everyone to see so that we can do the collective shadow work. Still, they choose to ignore it, which is why WILLPOWER made nUtopia. It is for us to save ourselves from an orchestrated dystopian future... I cannot just watch and not do anything. Should I simply not care and watch the world burn while eating popcorn simply because people choose to remain ignorant ? A spiritual war is going on and so called spiritual people rather avoid the topic because it's not positive enough. This is another way of ignoring the elephant in the room and sweep it under the rug as if it does not exist. Those so called Spiritual ones have also inspired this album.

While many hate technology, I love technology. As a Creative Technologist, I use it for artistic expression and creating experiences that go beyond the limited view of the average human. These experiences open up the imaginary mind and help people connect with its infinite vastness of possibilities to realize who we are and what is possible. I create art to show people that we don't have to be the subject of a dystopian reality imposed by others, or even say yes to a slave society. I never belonged here, but since I am, I am doing what I love, here to enjoy life by creating through art without the mental barriers that govern most people whether they are in the matrix or against the matrix.

On nUtopia, I say things that people are thinking but are afraid to say when socializing with friends, family or out in public. Why are people afraid to simply say what they think ? Why is there such a deep fear ? Are we ok with living in a society where we are afraid to speak on fundamentally important topics ? What kind of life are we living if we suppress ourselves from stating the obvious ? I think this is the first stage of a tyranny. It is why I made this album, people are controlled and need to snap out of it. Many think the plandemic was bullshit but are still afraid to say it! Do we want to be controlled as sheep or do we want to thrive in a world we are proud of ?

My songs are how I viewed reality at a specific time. Lyrics are like photographs, they capture a moment. What I rap doesn't mean that I'm right. It means that I question, research, deduce and speak my mind in the face of an absurd and comical mainstream narrative.

This present time is the greatest window of opportunity for us to co-create the world we actually want to thrive in: nUtopia

When you speak your perspectives and they are different from the mainstream media propaganda, they will say that you are sharing dangerous misinformation. From what I see, the gatekeepers who control are the greatest deceivers of all time. It is about control of the mind and nothing else. Society is a construct. It is not real. Unless you believe it is.

3 years after one of the biggest scams and attacks on freedom of all times, I had to release all the energy of my experience into this album: nUtopia

Our mind is powerful. Let's use it to create the most amazing life ever: nUtopia

This album is dedicated to my brotha TMNK, The Man Nobody Knows, Resp In Power. You live in my heart. I do this for us artists who live and die for what we do. They don't get us, but we get us."


In this video below, I show how I made the light T-shirt I am wearing in the video.

Full HD YouTube / odysee

In this video below, I talk about the Most Amazing music video.

In this video below, I talk about how I made Hexagonal Light part I.

Full HD YouTube / odysee

In this video below, I talk about how I made Hexagonal Light part II.

Full HD YouTube / odysee

In this video below, I talk about nUtopia.

Tools Used for the recording


You can experience the album song after song in chronological order with the visuals, lyrics and text by scrolling down. Or, you can directly select the name of the track you want to go to.



The sounds at the beginning are from the mountains of Amatlan, Mexico. It is part of a region that has the highest and most amazing vibrations that I ever felt energetically. I was in Mexico for 5 months during the plandemic to escape the novid tyranny and found myself in the most magical place ever...
The 1ntr0 is made to be raw with a repetitive beat.


Welcome to the album This is WILLPOWER The album's nUtopia nUtopia
Welcome here Our mind is clear We are here Overcomig fear nUtopia


In MOST AMAZING, I say what many think but are afraid to say. We have to speak up. If we loose Freedom of Speech now, out of fear of being judged by people who believe what we see as lies, we're doomed. We are currently in the most critical time of our lives where what we do collectively will determine whether we live freely or not. For those who do not know what I'm talking about, this song is for you.

The hook is looking at the amazing possibilities these times offer us. The verses look at the mainstream nonsense.

Most Amazing is pretty much the exact opposite of what the Simulatrix says on their mainstream platforms... The more you are free and live outside the illusion, the clearer it is.


Verse 1:

We R in the most amazing times that I have seen
I am so inspired by the creativity that I see

Verse 1:
Rise up stand up
If u live with purpose hands up
It's a soul mission
To free all men and women
But only if they want to
They seem to prefer the matrix
Materialism fakeness
Scientism medical blunda
Inject the world through propaganda
To convince them war against russia
It's so easy to push an agenda
Depopulation of gene-rations
Violation of the body
Sexualize everybody
Spray the sky with chemtrails
Geoengineer climate make it hail
Call it climate change
To take away all freedoms that remain
I lost many friends
Controlled by the fakestream political trends
Verse 2:

We R in the most amazing times that I have seen
I am so inspired by the creativity that I see

Verse 2:
Imagine people waking up
The illusions of society breaking up
They see novid was a plot
To inject everyone with a shot
They now see that scientism
Is the new world order religion
They now see that education
Is actually indoctrination
They see slavery never ended
It just became subconscious and subversive
They see climate change is engineered
To kept us in fear
We see through the lies
Reject the politicians and their fake smiles
They' re all controlled puppets
Their evil masters now revealed in public
A.i. Digital slavery
Opportunity to recreate humanity
Yeah, its all a dream
I kept hopes up thanks to memes
Verse 3:

We R in the most amazing times that I have seen
I am so inspired by the creativity that I see

Verse 3:
I see the birth of a new age
It's beautiful we turned a page
The new beings are misunderstood
But proliferate like shrooms on wood
We combine like never before
What matters is that our intention's pure
Not everyone will be accepting
B u even if their is rejection
We know who we r
We are shining stars
Alchemists of invisible forces
Live from our heart coz that's where the source is

We r in the most amazing times that i have seen
I am so inspired by the creativity that i see


Keep having fun and enjoying all the magic.


Verse 1:

It may look dark we don't lose hope
Ignite your spark let off the smoke
Challenges awaken our purpose
We stay calm while they stay nervous
Coz we meditate everyday
And we elevate in every way
Doing what I love brings me euphoria
We rise above build the nutopia
We r infinite
They may not get who we r coz we're intricate
We shine our light yeah they see us
Walking our truth like did jesus
Coz we're beyond the flesh
Aligned with spirit this is all a test
We're building a parallel society
A place outside the matrix that is for you and me

Keep rising keep shining
Keep grinding keep climbing
Verse 2:

Life is good keep having fun
Nothings better than absorbing the sun
Barefoot on the soil of the earth
Women giving natural birth
Healing with the plants and herbs
Admiring the beauty of birds
Drinking from the mountain spring
I make my own clothes, wearing my lapis ring
Making my tech for art
Performing with projections in the dark
In the depth of the night
Live in the magic under the moonlight
And the stars in the sky
Dancing with sophie the vibe is high
Bodyx performing living our dream
The crowd is cheering I'm hearing the screamz

Keep rising keep shining
Keep grinding keep climbing
Verse 3:

We're living out our passion
We do what we love in action
Recording from my sacred space
I am so happy in my magical place
There are good people in my circle
We support each other's miracles
Live from paradise
Infinite bliss, yo what a life

Keep rising keep shining
Keep grinding keep climbing


Happy Slaves are those living completely in the matrix, unaware of the falsities of the world. All about convenience and a false sense of security... which is understandable, but to what extent ? Is this convenience worth our freedom ? They don't see it yet, but they will... by that time, they'll be in too deep to get out. As for me, I still have a foot in it and not sure about what to do but I'm working on it. It starts by talking about it and seeking the liked minded to take action towards what we actually want.


Verse 1:

Face recognition
Digital ID
Central Bank Digital Currency
Who's ready for the new slavery ?
Smart home in your new smart city
Get tracked and surveiled thru the IP
Of your smart phone spying on you
They are relying on you
Collecting your data to
Feed their A.I.
I have to say I
Am amazed by
How they're dazed by
The mainstream media
The bullshit their feeding ya
I guess that's how you
Engineer dystopia

Happy slaves I see happy
Verse 2:

Tryna plan my way out the matrix
Not easy but I have to face it
Say bye to many things I love
And what I love to do, I need a hug
But freedom is what I live 4
Without it what do we live 4
Being happy slaves with convenience
Enslaving tech and obedience

To me that is selling your soul
Or being a prisoner under control
So keep the faith and believe in love
Know that you’re great and rise above

Happy slaves I see happy
Verse 3:

In the age of revealing
Awakening and of healing
The ego is fun, but in balance
Keep on developing all your talents
Let your higher force guide you
Move with what is inside you
Head in the clouds feet on the ground
Balanced, that's how we get down
Take a moment now to breathe deep
Reach delta waves like a deep sleep
Hug yourself love yourself
Share your love with someone else
The organic natural way
I make benevolent technology
Having fun is what it's about
Enjoying life without a doubt

Happy slaves I see happy


We made a song about the sacred medicine Ayahuasca. Miia is a talented musician and singer. She plays the guitar and sings with a voice that heals. She is a new earthling:


thank you


welcome to the spirit world
geometry moving in swirls
fractal symmetry, so many eyes
she shows beauty and the bad guys
hurt people and you hurt your self mayne
it brings demons that feed on that pain
they attach to u, access to your mind
where your thoughts r not yours mine r not mine
dark entities can enter the body
to control and feed on pornography
people are so deep into the physical
they're not aware of the spiritual
if you wanna know, ask ayuhuasca
she'll show you so you can heal ya
self with a curandera
the proper guidance to the ancestral
protection from the dark monsters
the light of angels will create wonders
a little bit of light can light up a dark room
don't let darkness consume
sunny day feel the strong rays
in my heart, that's where I stay
coz the mind is duality
the heart leads me in singularity

gracías ayuhuasca
curandero y curandera

thank you

Miia verse:

ooohh we hi yaaaa
oooo weeee ya he
oooooh we hiiii ya
hooo we hii ya
oooh oooh we hi ya
ooohh we ya he
oooh we hi ya hooo we

ooooo we hi na weeee hi
ooo we hi yaaa
oooh we hi ya hoo we
ah yi hi ya
oohhh we ya he
ooo we hi yaaa
ooo we hi yaaa hoo we


thank you
ange ls

henna, richie much love

the light x4



The solution to the imposed dystopian new world order is the parallel society you and I are co-creating outside of their slave system.


Verse 1:

I see what's going on in real time
They're dismantling the whole system and I'm
Seeing how they are implementing
Their new world, so we’re defending
Coz they are coming for our lives
It's time for us to organize
Create our own way
Grow our own food so that it is safe
Use xmr, be your own bank
Cash is king, we need water tanks
Our own electrical grid
Our owns schools to educate kids
Open source tech to make
Anything we need we create
Mesh networks to communicate
Never give up, keep up the faith x3

Parallel society
A place that is for you and me
Freedom is for everybody
In the parallel society
Verse 2:

We gotta find our owna way
Coz the whole world just went cray cray
People don't question they just obey
Mind controlled slaves, what can I say
I guess I was lucky to see
Building the parallel society
A decentralized community
Of people who say no tyranny
Instead create a beautiful life
Out in nature, yep where it feels right
It's about time that i prepare
For what's coming, but I go where ?
Just go, and follow the flow
It will align, yep once you let go
On earth not easy to find home
But home is where ever I roam

Parallel society
A place that is for you and me
Freedom is for everybody
In the parallel society
Verse 3:

We use private currencies
The new tech is anonymity
Out in nature, living in the heart
I develop tech for my art
Because is who I am
If they reject me, well then damm damn
Because I follow my inner voice
The beauty is having your own choice
Do not let them take that away
If they don't accept you it's ok
Do not fear it, hear my lyrics
Walk with your heart and your spirit

Parallel society
A place that is for you and me
Freedom is for everybody
In the parallel society


When the plandemic was in full swing with the toxic masks, the nonsensical injections and the absolutely repulsive social distancing, I started connected with others who saw through the lie. I started learning about community and connecting with people on this topic of how much of an illusion society is. In that, I also found that I didn't meet other artists who understood my work in these communities... In the matrix, I find artists who get me and in freedom communities, they don't seem to get my art and very often people are anti-technology. In other words, I don't find myself fully fitting anywhere but I think it's normal because as humans, we are multi-faceted. I Am An Artist was inspired by being around people who did not understand my creativity and even if they were artist, it was not their number one drive in life. Being an artist is our calling beyond anything else. We live for it and often sacrifice everything that others work for! I find that only other fully dedicated and invested artists understand this... It's hard to put into words for people to understand. It's an unique energy and when I'm in Artist communities my soul is the happiest ! So, even if many artist communities are deep in the matrix mind, they still enrich me because the creative energy supersedes everything. For me, the circle is complete when the art is fueled with a purpose.


Verse 1:

I am an artist
Everyday i work to reach furthest
I love to do this
You can't see how deep from the surface

I'm an artist
I may not fit
Whether in society
Or off grid
Surrounded by other specimens
Who create art coz it's our oxygen
It's who we r, not a pass time
I don't have hobbies, i don't have time
In every moment i create
Out of my studio and stay up late
To bring my visions to life
Non-artists don't understand this life
I was homeless behind my passion
While they talk i stay in action
Follow my heart hum not the system
What i create is how i gift them
Make my own jewelry and my own clothes
I don't just wear them, i sell them both
Verse 2:

I am an artist
Everyday i work to reach furthest
I love to do this
You can't see how deep from the surface

Artist communities is where i feel home
We turn neighborhoods into cool zones
Now everybody wants to live right here
Coz we got that vibe and that feel
Murals painted it looks lika dream
The paint is toxic but the art is clean
My quartz is from lemuria
Places that look normal r my phobia

Where artist r is the nutopia

Magical places full of euphoria
I love making tech it's all diy
When i perform i'm feeling high
Being around others who inspire me
Makes me feel happy free to be
Myself without without judged
I do what i do out of love

I am an artist
Everyday i work to reach furthest
I love to do this
You can't see how deep from the surface


Title Track. The tools of freedom that we need are here. You and me. Solution driven people for a world we actually want to be a part of.


Build the future
We envision
The best eva

Verse 1

Privacy crypto
Pay me 2 rip shows !
Pay in monero
That's how we get Dough !
Digital wallet u r ur own bank
With your own address We R a Think tank
We come together with solutions
Privacy tech open source inclusion
Your app is the spy
Using A.I.
We r decentralized
Yeah u and I
Is the new ID
Make up on my face to not be ID'd
By the camera
Man I'm telling ya
It's an engineered dystopia
Let's turn it into a NUTOPIA

Hook :
Verse 2

Out of fear
They choose to ignore
They stand for nothing
We stand for our soul
I'm not here to impose my way
But to express myself all day
Be the example I wanna see
XMR as a currency
I speak my heart because I care
We are the ones that R up in here
That are co-creating the nutopia
For the light I am a warrior
Off grid parallel society
Solar punk, nature and technology

Build the future
We envision
The best eva
Verse 3

I walk around with a good attitude
Spreading light coz I gotta be that dude
That I wanna be rise above the low
Vibrations, and be in my glow
Sometimes I do get frustrated
Call people sheeple because they hated
On me sharing my views and my thoughts
I'm a man of action I don't like to talk
I guess I gotta accept that's how it is
Let people be and focus on my gifts
No one has to see what I see
I'm an alchemist of frequencies
I keep on doing what brings me joy
Give thanks for breath barefoot on the soil
I create magic I'm polymathic
Life's fantastic I stay at it

Build the future
We envision
The best eva


I call it the ego song of the album. I don't often do songs like this because I usually prefer the positive approach, but some things need to be said. Dedicated to those who attacked the ones who denounced the plandemic and tried to let everyone know how that it was an orchestrated scam. They canceled us, censored us, called us names and rejected us. All we did was speak the truth they cannot see. While they view us as conspiracy theorists, I made this song defining the sheeple: mind controlled slaves who are not able to think outside of mainstream programming. They believe the most ridiculous lies coming from mainstream media, the soulless science and ridiculous psycopathic sociopathic politicians... I'm just speaking on it bluntly. It can trigger people but if it can cause them to think then it's good. If it just makes them angry and strengthens their mainstream views, which it probably will, then I didn't reach them and they don't see that my intention is to help them see what is going on, so that they no longer have to be victims of the traps, then I failed... but maybe it can plant a seed in their consciousness :)


I feel like I'm in a comedy show
They believe just what they are told
Everything on the news is a joke
It's all a setup just for you folks

They took your power away
That's why u get jabbed and think it's ok
Mrna all in the vains
Time to depopulate
All the sheeple

And that's because they hate
All you sheeple

Athletes are dropping like flies like never before
They got the jab now bodies are hitting the floor
The plandemic was a pretext to inject
Every human now they want u to eat insects
Hello sheeple

These people are mind controlled
They believe what they are told
They don't know that they sold they soul
Earth is a live comedy show
So make sure u laugh all the way
Alien invasion on the way
Give them a digital id
Transhumanize their body
Profit on the slavery
Is this real or a comedy ?
Do I cry or do I laugh
The world's ran by psychopaths
Of the sheeple

These people R mind controlled
They believe what they R told
They lost connection to their soul
Their mind controlled
They got the jab, they believe that the plandemic's real
It is so sad they believe what pharma says is real
They do beleive what the government says it's real
They just don't know how they know, it is mind control
Of the sheeple x3

They lost their soul
They're mind controlled
From young to old
That's how it goes
4 the sheeple x3

They want them cbdc's
Enslave humanity
Wanna ban privacy crypto
Give u cbdc's to control
Of the sheeple
Coz control of the sheeple
But they just don't know, it's the sheeple
That's how it goes for the sheeple

They want a chip in their brain
Graphene oxyde in their vains
They think that we're insane
That we're the ones to blame
It's the sheeple

The lockdowns were a crime
Against humanity, cap of all times
That no one should have followed
But they are mind controlled
It was never a pandemic
But a plandemic, scamdemic
They control the world through the mental
That is how you guide the sheeple
Guide the sheeple
Oh yeah, guide the sheeple
They need guidance, it's the sheeple
They need to know where to go, it's the sheeple


We have to do the work within ourselves to continuously heal our inner wounds and traumas.


Love is my currency
I do alchemy
It's a dance in this life to find
Balance with the yin and yang energy
They think by ignoring the problems
The universe is just gonna solve them
I tried that it didn't work
Actually, it made it worse
Spiritual bypassing
I've been there myself, but now,
I'm all about action
They think they help, bring it to life
By acknowledging it, in their sight
Rather, i see it as collective shadow work,
Bringing it into the light
That's why I reveal it
So we can heal it

We do the work within ourselves to heal deeply
So we can be the answer we wish to see
Be kind to yourself
Ur like no one else
You're a gift
To the world and the kids
We r facing a lot
I understand it gets hot
Take your time to relax and chill
Like the tao, do nothing be still
Elevate meditate
Let go of all the hate
Spend time by yourself in the mountains
To reconnect with what is innate
I'm just a man
Please understand
That i live from love,
From my heart and that's where I stand

We do the work within ourselves to heal deeply
So we can be the answer we wish to see

I'm a gemini I got both sides
I alchemize and I rise


WE R PUNKS is inspired by freedom tech. Using technology as a tool that works for us, not against us. This song looks at 3 tech freedom movements: cypherpunk, solarpunk and lunarpunk. Cypherpunk looks at cryptography and privacy. Solarpunk looks at the sci-fi dystopian cyberpunk movements and says that we are going to create an Utopia out in nature with benevolent tech instead. Lunarpunk looks at privacy and anonimity as the internet becomes locked down as a way to control every human.

As a creative technologist, I make digital and electronic tools for art, music, human expression and connection in ways that were never possible before. For this, check out my projects and tech lab. I dropped Mac for Linux. I dropped my iPhone for a Fairphone with LineageOS. I use mostly free open source software (FOSS), peer to peer communication, Monero, decentralized networks... I do this for privacy and freedom. I rarely meet people who understand this, although it is simple to understand. This is why I made this album. On top of that, it is a priority if we are to not be enslaved by the system, smart cities, CBDC's, A.I. surveillance and all the other dystopian plans they have for humanity.


Verse 1:

I'm a pure blood like kyrie
Letem get mad when you post freely
Don't want us to be free? What a trip
Exiting big tech coz of censorship
Now I'm on hive, nostr, odysee
Degoogled phone, linux and web3
Protect yourself with more privacy
Freedom tech, monero 4 currency
Because we must remain free
From their instrusive technologies
To surveil all of humanity
People ignore as if they cannot see

Until it blows in our face
By then it's too late x2

Solar lunar cypher
Punks ! X3
Verse 2:

Solar lunar and cypher punks
Naturopathic digital munks
They don't get us but we don't care
We're in a new age and we're up in here
Tried to control us through the web
But it back fired, freed us instead
Coz we got smart c through the lies
Of the controllers and their disguise
Now go tell that to a normie
They're too busy looking cute on IG
That's cool, but there's more to life
There's the dark side,there's the light
What's the point of society
If we no longer have privacy
To be free to just be
To think and do differently
From what they want you to see
It's all mental slavery
But the normies have no clue
That doesn't matter coz we do

Solar lunar cypher
Punks ! X3


This is the most important topic for me. It is at the root of controlling humanity in a way where we do not realize that we are being manipulated and deceived. It is a way of creating order. Order is essential for things to work smoothly, but without balance, it will collapse. Most do not not know that we are living in a fabricated false reality. All truths have been erased so that we do not realize who we are. This is how one controls billions... through the mind. You censor, cancel those who speak truth and call them Conspiracy Theorists. You ridicule them and make people scared to truly speak. It is Mind Control.


Verse 1:

The plandemic made me bold
Yeah I'm young and i'm also old
Coz I'm ancient in a new body
It rejuvenates with each heart beat
The science doesn't know about that
What they do is inject you like a lab rat
Now like never b4
Bodies r in convulsion all over the floor
They're so mind controlled by the mainstream
Media, they awake in the dream
Spell of hell
That's what we're here to dispel
Ignite the light
Ignite the angels ignite the fight
Coz they're coming for our lives
They're coming for our soul, all in a disguise

Mind control x3
Of the masses. Find your role
Verse 2:

It starts at school
They know the mind is a powerful tool
Indoctrination mass formation
What's kept secret is the real information
That can free us all
But they need us all
To comply and behave like slaves
People don't wanna be free, they don't wanna be brave
They trust the science
If you don't they want you in silence
But we're the defiance
A cypherpunk decentralized alliance
Of freedom warriors
Overcome fear, not like worryers
Ur welcome to join
We transact in privacy coins

We break the mind control x3
Of the masses. Find your role


I do etextiles, embedding circuits in fabric wearables and costumes for my audiovisual immersive performances. I am a creative coder. I am a maker / diy engineer using arduino.

eTextiles are a lot of fun and create more natural ways of playing music and controlling visual animations then using a physical instrument or a computer as the movement of the body generates the audio or light in the space.

I make digital instruments that create an unique experience of unifying people of great differences in a way that opens their imaginary mind through fun and play. It's amazing.

someone recently told me that electricity is bad and that it's not nature. how is electricity bad or not nature when we are electric beings ourselves. This includes all of natural life. Neurons use synapses which are electric pulses to communicate. human cells use electricity to communicate. The more mineralized one is, the more conductive one is. meaning that your body can be more efficient in how it functions. you are electromagnetic. the ocean is conductive. there is no life without electromagnetism. the invisible forces are what makes life possible. So why are people demonizing electromagnetism? It see it as a lack of understanding. It is actually the very essense of nature. what engineering does is harness the invisible forces. the question then becomes, what is the intent and the affect of using the free energy of life ?

the core of what many see as the issue (which the anti-technology people tend to not see) is the mind. the mind dictates what we do. tech is not bad. Hence, the title of this track. to attack technology is not understanding what is happening. the issue is the same as the reason why everyone ran to get jabbed during the plandemic. the issue is: why is it so hard to be an independent researcher ? why are scientists who come up with free enregy devices or solutions to disease end up mysteriously dead or their labs happens to catch on fire ? what happened to nikola tesla, a man who wanted to provide free energy for the world ? when you get to the bottom of the questions, you will understand that technology is not the issue.

there are health consequences to energy weapons, long exposure to the radiation of certain devices, cell phones (which most people have), laptops, televisions... the nokia old school mobile phones emit more radiation then wifi / bluetooth. there are solutions, such as not having them for those who hate them, grounding to heal the body by being barefoot on earth while using devices to nullify the positive ions emitted... I am solution driven because I don't see myself wanting to live without electricity. Some will go live in a cave or in a community where it is not allowed to use any electricity. I totally respect people who do that, I think they should be able to live the way they want.
I have felt the negative effects of 5G and the accumulated wi-fry when being in cities, on top of nanoparticles, chemtrails and everything else going on. What I do is detox, drink cold-pressed organic green bitter juices and smoothies, clay, activated charcoal and spending as much time in nature as possible.
I have been using technology since I was a child in large amounts. I grew up Deejaying and being around music equipment. Then, we had pagers, then cell phones, then, the internet and now mobile devices and wearables all over the place. I also work with wireless technology so I think of ways to balance the body with grounding in nature and also while using a laptop or wearing tech products.

if evil can mind control the world into fear and compliance, use technology to spy and enslave humans in a AI surveillance world, technology can be used to dismantle such a system as well. Cypherpunks actually saw it coming and out of it Bitcoin emerged as a decentralized cryptographic solution to a future dystopian world. Then came Monero and other privacy coins, so now we are in a place where technology has a side that wants to control humans like slaves and the other side uses technology to dismantle the slave A.I. plans, so it is an actual war for freedom that the large majority conscious or not, fail to see. But again, it is not technology, it is the mind that dictates everything technology does... even A.I. at this early stage. if technology can be used to hurt people, it can be used to heal people. there are healing technology devices that work on frequencies in the body, get rid of parasites, heal tissue and all kinds of positive things. but for some reason, the anti-technology people only see negative and do not see the positive. they hate on electronic music but they themselves do not have positive energy as a human being. they talk about high frequency music but fail to be vibrating high themselves.

For the argument that we can do everything without technology then please, show me. people are all talk.

I think this is my favorite topic because I'm both a lover of nature and technology (this confuses people). technology is really nature being harnessed by a human mind, using it to make tools for example. This is our strength as humans. Our mind and our ability to make things. we don't have claws or sharp teeth so we make spears. we use speakers to perform songs in front of a large crowd. and this is supposed to be bad ?

I find that I do not fit anywhere due to the fact that I combine things that most people don't. I talk about freedom from the matrix while using cryptography and wearing an led mask. the anti-technology people will love my message but not like my mask because leds(light emitting diodes) emit radiation and are artificial light. they will not understand that crypto is a tool of freedom and think that it will be compromised no matter what. maybe it will due to the lack of understanding, but it is not now. the ones who like my led mask will not like my message of freedom and maybe see me as a conspiracty theorist because they are under the dreamspell of the matrix. I never felt like I fully fit anywhere anyways, it's the story of my life. but I think it's normal to not relate to anyone 100% because we are all unique. No relationship is perfect. It is the nature of human dynamics.

what I see above all is fear and a lack of understanding from both sides of the coin. I am both the yin and the yang.



Tech is not bad. it's awesome
Since a kid i use it to blossom
I grew up playing with motors
I was 12 when i learned how to solder
Deejaying on techniques
Analog plus digital
Now everyone around the world can make beats
To spit their lyrical
Engineering creates miracles
No hip hop without technology
No sp1200 no techniques no turntables and no mpc
Now I use microcontrollers
Now I make etextile sensors
If you hate tech?
Why do you have a laptop on your desk?

Why do you have a smart phone
If you think that tech is wrong

Making own tech
I use arduino for my sketch
What is a disgrace
Is how the evil' s using tech to enslave the human race
Id you through face
But don't blame that on tech
Unless you can't see and don't get that it's about the mindset
It's about the mindset
That's behind the tech
That is behind its use
I guess those that don't get it, are not able to see this truth

It's about the inner work
To change the outer querks
Making my tech under the sun
Barefoot on sand playing my drum
Lunarpunks here we come
Cypherpunk privacy
Erase big tech tyranny
Freedom 4 humanity
We R here to be free
With a balanced alchemy
A balanced alchemy
Of the f.o.r.c.e.

It's about the inner work
The right knowledge to make it work
With a balanced alchemy
Balance energies

Hey tech's not bad it's not what you think
It's the mind that is behind it


2020 really made me step into my truth. In In Our Freedom, I dive into what I see and share it to spread this awareness as most are asleep in the dreamspell, also know as the matrix. We must not give up in the face of mainstream absurdity and support each other as awakenening beings of earth. When you see what is happening, you are one of the few and your responsibility becomes big.



We do not give up
We support each
Other in our freedom

Verse 1:

Many times I wanna give up
People R mind controlled like what
They don't even think
Order followers who don't blink
Tell them about chemtrails
They look back at you like what the hell ?
Even if they look up in the sky
And notice the clouds have straight lines
It doesn't occur
To them question, it's absurd
But it really shows
That they are mind controlled
Inside the dreamspell
But deep down they know it's not well
They rather ignore
I see mental slaves to the core

We do not give up
We support each
Other in our freedom
Verse 2:

It's all manipulated weather
We come together
To talk about
When it rains there's a fallout
Of chemicals
Aluminum, eat your vegetables
Coz its time to detox
But it starts with the mental box
That they're trapped in
Why do you think I'm rapping
We have a purpose in our mission
Schools indoctrinating children
That's how they control generations
But we are bringing the changes
We R warriors of light
We do what is morally right

We do not give up
We support each
Other in our freedom


Geometry of God is a term by friend Kid Proto. The track is inspired by Sacred Geometry, Synergetics (Buckminster Fuller & StruPPi), the golden mean ratio, the fibonacci sequence, fractals...


The acronym for it's G.O.G.
The geometry of God

I'm the O.G. G.O.G. Kid proto came up with GOG
It's the new acronym, the geometry of God
Synergetics by buckminster fuller geodesic brotha
The golden mean ratio & fractals they come 2gether
The vector equilibrium that's right what do you know about that ?
The cuboctahedron that's right, I put it in a rap !

Merkabah, flower of life !
From which emerges all of life !
It's all mathematical & spiritual
And manifests into the physical
Subatomical particles
Using the mind to make things actual
We R powerful beyond what we know
We unlock the stories untold
Yeah, I know the world get cold
Seasons change, so don't fold !
Thanks to plants, we can see
Beyond this reality

The acronym for it's G.O.G.
The geometry of God
Willpower lifeforce is on the mic
I'm a polymath my mind is bright
But I live in my heart through my art
Do what I love, ignite my spark
Time 2 have fun under the sun
Under the moon, we stay in tune
With our spirit can u hear it ?
Do not fear it, bro get near it.

Breathe deep barefoot on the earth
Feel the frequencies, calm your nerves
Let your dark emotions rize
To the surface to realize

What shadows awake you from sleep
That we unconsciously bury deep
Those are the dramas that come from traumas
Let's heal them so that we can rize up !
Honesty integrity diversity
Link with what resonates with my frequency
What everyon ewants is to be happy
Be happy be happy

The acronym for it's G.O.G.
The geometry of God


The acronym for it's G.O.G.
The geometry of God


On the Outr0, I'm simply saying what on my mind. It is an improvisational speech. No rehearsal, just a channeling.