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I have loved technology since I was a child. I used to take my battery powered toys apart and power motors with batteries. I started deejaying at 11 years old on Techniques with all professional equipment. My first instrument was an electronic drum machine with 4 pads. I used to stare at computers in advertisements. I played the first Atari and Nintendo games. I used the first Mac when it came out. I grew up in New York City in the 80's where life was fun and exciting. Once corporate stores proliferated, New York lost its touch, but I got to see it when the arts were thriving, before corporatism killed it. I've seen business kill all things I love and I've seen it tear human lives apart. I am blessed to have lived a life in the Arts. I grew up around adults, not kids my age. They were all artists. My relationship with technology was one of fun and creativity, until 2020. I then saw how it was being used to enslave the human race by the evil people of earth. the idea that technology is bad is not one that resonates with me. It is more about one's consciousness and intentions.
I feel very unique for loving both technology (human ingenuity) and nature (the goddess manifested). I refer to myself as a Solar Punk Artist because of this unique way of being... We R All Unique... We R All Part of the Whole... We R 1.
While the dark forces use technology to enslave the human race, I will continue to use it as a tool of liberation, fun and artistic expression.


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WILLPOWER is a Solar Punk Audio/Visual Artist, Performer & Spiritual Technologist using Light, Sound and other Invisible Forces to transcend The Matrix.

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