Sound Reactive Light Fixture


A Floating Sound Reactive Light Structure

Tetra is short for tetrahedron, Ba is light is ancient Egypt. #AncientNew 🗿🛸

The Light reacts to Sound in real time.

I developed the electronics using #arduino and #AddressableLeds, made custom circuit boards with knobs and buttons to control and change the lights. It is mobile, meaning that it does not require a power outlet. It is self-sustained. You can see how I made TETRABA here.

The #Tetrahedron structure represents the Fire element in the Platonic Solids. It is the simplest form with straight lines in this physical 3D reality. Suspended in the Air, above Earth, interacting with Spirit (Humans).

TETRABA featured in Caxxianne's music video God Is We, which I Art Directed. Check it out below.


Photos by Salma ElShami

TETRABA is sound reactive. Below is a video of the lights turning red to the beat of my drum !

I initially introduced TETRABA at a party that for me was meant to bring people together during the plandemic, as it was what we all desperately needed. The restrictions were nothing but a violent illegal attack on humanity. They said that the fake virus will kill all of humanity... instead, they destroyed small businesses and human lives... What a hoax... All to usher in the dystopian new world order tyrannical totalitarian technocratic hell on earth... The toughest part was to see people believe the fakestream media... It made me feel hopeless for humanity... but it amplified my purpose as a living soul on earth.

When it was finished... testing it before the party.

Check out the tech WILLPOWER developed for TETRABA in the TECH LAB HERE !