U R The 1

Immersive Audiovisual Performance
Turn Up Your Speakers + Go Fullscreen + Push Play<

odysee / YouTube

Artist + Performer: WILLPOWER



U R The 1 happened at an event named Visual Reality in Santa Monica — California, based on VR Experiences, Sound Healing Frequencies with the SubPac and Immersive Projections.

The first part is about connecting with our Spirit and Living from our Heart, beyond the Mind.

U R THE 1 brings light and sound together. As the light travels according to a eerie background soundscape, it gives it life.

The human subject (Performer) reacts and is affected by the sound, which is visualized based on its tones and how it travels through space between 2 channels (left & right speakers).

There is a battle between humanity and an evil force controlling Humanity represented by an intense drumming pulsation.

At some point in the performance, WILLPOWER becomes in sync with a sudden shift of the drums which change from agressive to rhythmic, being a sonic indication to finding one’s own voice within the perceived disharmonic.

The instrumentation multiplies its layers into a climax of Sound, Light and Energy.


Storyboarding 4 Reality

The performance was first storyboarded, before doing an animatic and creating the animations.