We Are Spirit... But society denies this, our very essence. It is obviously done to psychologically tame us, but once we awaken to our divine power, 'they' can no longer control our minds as we transfrom their manufactured Dystopia into the nUtopia our hearts are innately connected to.

WILLPOWER is a Solar Punk Audio/Visual Artist, Performer & Spiritual Creative Technologist using Light, Sound and other Invisible Forces to transcend the Simulatrix into the nUtopia.

The purpose of his Art & Music is to use technology positively while sharing his message of freedom (to think, speak and make our own decisions as long as we are not harming others, peacefully stand for our principles in the face of tyrannical dystopian rule). So many express their disdain for technology because of how corporations, governments and big tech are using it. Technology is used to spy, surveil and censor free speech, but it is not due to technology. It is due to those using technology for those purposes. Technology in itself is neutral in terms of what it is used for. It does generate electromagnetism, so grounding becomes a healthier way to use it. But there are also healing technologies. It does not have to be bad...
As we see the Smart City agenda, it is understandable to be alarmed because if humanity does not wake up, it will find itself imprisoned in controlled urban spaces under a centralized digital matrix with no more human rights for reasons of security with full on A.i. surveillance using face recognition. This creates fear for many when it comes to technology. But if evil can use tech, so can good.

WILLPOWER is a Multidisciplinary Artist & Performer. He combines coding, electrical engineering, music & fashion tech... to create immersive, light & sound, interactive audiovisual performances & installations. He brings to life spatial experiences that transcend the mind of the audience into deep realms of imagination, in order to enter higher layers of their inner reality through the heart.

WILLPOWER is a HipHop Artist with his own genre elektroHipHop. He produces, writes and records his albums and directs his music videos.

"In education, people attempted to put me in boxes and separate life into compartments... I see interconnections... being a polymath is a natural progression of following what excites my spirit."

WILLPOWER brings his spiritual awareness into his art to share his understanding of being more than physical beings, connected to higher realms... Human Freedom is a driving force behind his purpose. WILLPOWER's installations create magical spaces for humans to interact in a state of discovery and playfulness... What is the nUtopia: Us living a life of higher consciousness where we transcend the dark evil forces controlling the world from the shadows. No such reality is possible when people's minds cannot be controlled by the news, media, education, entertainment... We have an open, direct connection to our higher self and heart... We know when something is off... We are able to dissolve falsities due to our level of awareness.

"I came here to spread my voice and dissolve the chains of a growing slave planet."

WILLPOWER's installations and performances have been in Berlin, New York, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles.

He taught himself how to code for making visual arts and animation. He then taught himself electronics using arduino, microcontrollers, sensors and programming. He uses OpenFrameworks, which is a C++ toolkit for Creative Coding.

He learned how to DJ at 11 years old and for his 13th birthday, threw a party where he DJ'd in Vertigo, a club downtown L.A. owned by singer Prince at that time.

WILLPOWER has had a passion for technology and computers since he was a child.

Since young, WILLPOWER wondered why the educational system forced us into a Materialistic understanding of life with complete denial of our Divine Spirit Essence.

He is a highly intuitive being, living from his heart, following his passion and soul guidance.

Although WILLPOWER lives mostly in urban environments and works with tech, he balances it with mother nature, grounding and deep breathing fresh air. He has been a daily meditator since 2008.

" In the nUtopia, we do what we love for a living.
We are motivated by our Soul Mission.

WILLPOWER has been an independent artist funding his own research, development and projects to bring his ideas to life. It results in Immersive Audiovisual Performances and Interactive Architectural Installations. The tools he uses are open-source based, such as programming languages and electrical components.

WILLPOWER codes with a different approach to a developer... He codes from an artistic perspective as a form of expression. He uses inputs via sensors, to output light, visual art and sound. WILLPOWER focuses on open source tech such as Arduino, Electronics, Sensors, LEDs, openFrameworks, Shaders and Lasers as his paints and brushes to create in the form of Performative Arts & Synergetic Installations based on Architectural and Natural Structures.

After seeing the censorship and suppressoin of human expression by big tech in 2020, WILLPOWER deleted his fakebook / instaspam / dtwitter / whatsthat / jinxedIn accounts and others. He saw their small minded ways of wanting to control human perception through censorship and fact checking nonsense and did not want to be part of their dark agenda. When doing research, he found that they were using our devices to spy on us and our friends. They gather our data from cookies, tracking, geolocation, social media posts, our private content.. blocking certain results in searches for example, limiting what we see and guide us towards how they want us to think... He felt that this was a breach of trust and ethical business. Apple's operating system Catalina blocked the open-source technologies that WILLPOWER used for his creative work, so he stopped working on macOs and switched to Linux ! This made him very happy as he started discovering deeper layers of technology and FOSS (Free Open Source Software). He installed LineageOS on his fairphone to have more privacy from the spying of Apple, Google and the others... He is now focusing on decentralization, blockchain, crypto (XMR), Solar/Lunar Punk groups, urban groups of people who see through the veil of the matrix, off grid communities of free thinkers who see through the illusion of mass media bias and its 1 dimensional spectrum of consciousness.

WILLPOWER used to have a website where he sold his collections. He makes his own clothes and makes them available. He may recreate the site at some point to sell his creations which include Synergetic Crystal Jewelry & Objects, prints and more...

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