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Full HD YouTube / odysee / bitchute


Full HD YouTube / odysee / bitchute

Remix by Neutral ( Brave New Bass records )
instagram: @bravenewbass



Recording Artist: WILLPOWER
Remix: Neutral ( Brave New Bass records ) > instagram: @bravenewbass / soundcloud.com/user-998792941

Music Video:

Director: Ben Plefka
Co-Director: WILLPOWER
Editors: Ben Plefka (remix) & WILLPOWER
Camera: Ben Plefka
Camera Assistant: Jongwon Lee
Recording Artist / Performer: WILLPOWER
Dancer / Performer: Toan Le of The Funky Monkeys
Hologram Artist / Wearable Tech: WILLPOWER
Assistant: Claudius Lüdeking
Executive Producer: Izumi Yamamoto



verse 1

man wow, people are asleep 😴
follow the government just like a 🐑
hi-jack of humanity wow it’s deep
wearing those 😷 they cannot even breathe 🧘🏽‍♂️
mainstream media is hard to believe
fear is the biggest contagious disease 🦠
the mind controlled call it conspiracy
sending them love, coz they just cannot see 🤷🏾‍♂️
we all live in our own reality 🧠
but do not impose your dogma on me
we live in a realm that they can not see
my body’s not government property ⛓
censored on yt and also fb
and after that they think that they are free ?
claiming that it is for their own safety 😂
now i’m laughing at the sad comedy 🤣😭

let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️
hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭
one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️
no mind control, we see through that biz 👁


hook (MARGAUX):




verse 2

not connected to their divinity
when their sick they go to the pharmacy 💊
not realizing the power of herbs 🌱🍄
they do what they’re told, call it the herd 🐑
they do not even question or research 🧐
when they do it’s scientism at work 💉
that’s why we’re here to bring in the new earth 💛
dissolve the mind control started at birth 📚
our mind creates our reality ⚛️
in the matrix, they cannot see 👁
even if it’s right in front of their eyes 👀
i’m grateful to see what is beyond the lies
at least to have an inquisitive mind 🧠
we are now living in amazing times
they wanna implant you with microchips
don’t do it if, it’s not your wish

slave planet human farm ⛓
transcend beyond this harm

more are seeing what’s going on
time for a new civilization

let the mind go, be in your own heart ♥️
hear my rhyme flow, doing our own arts 🎭
one with the soul, one with all that is ⚫️
no mind control, we see through that biz 👁


WE R FREE BEINGS is from UnMasking The Illusion
You can buy / download the track here:

Is Reality Real ? Or is it all an illusion?

The global awakening is happening.
We stand for our love for mother earth and humanity.
We live from our heart with 💜 !
Many are afraid to speak their truth. They are afraid to speak their mind openly. Cancel culture has bullied the world and silenced everyone into fear of self expression. This is what this track is about. It’s about questioning and having an open discourse. Not imposing a controlled view on the global population and then cancelling them when they have a different perspective. This is called Tyranny. This is what the world has come to. People are going along to get along. They know that what is happening globally makes absolutely no sense, but they are doing what they are told like blind slaves because they do not want to be looked at in a negative way. They fear that others will call them crazy, that they will loose their job, their position in society and so on… It is understandable, but how long will we keep turning a blind eye to the absurdity imposed on us by our dear governments, corporations, banksters, big tech, big pharma, the fakestream media and the ones who control them ?

Too many do not see nor understand what I am saying because they are too deep in the Matrix. Their consciousness and subconsciousness has been hi-jacked by society. This is why it has become the purpose of my art to spread light onto the dark. We are powerful beings. No need to live in fear of our inner heart, truth and love. We live in Love and Power ! Keep expressing yourself positively even if they want to silence you or call you a conspiracy theorist, a right wing, a delusional idiot, a quack scientist, a nazi or whatever word they are using to mind control the population into fear and finger pointing.

The Power Is Us 🎤🔮 🥁 🔥

As my Wearable Tech and Light Art create the world of this video, while rapping from a naturalist perspective, I embody Spirituality, Nature and Technology: Solarpunk.

Many fear technology and view it as evil. But technology in itself is neutral. It is about how we use it and for what. It can be weaponized while at the same time be a tool of learning about one another or enabling us to help each other in new efficient ways. We are ElectroMagnetic beings. Technology is about using the invisible forces: electricity and magnetism. How we create with it, is a reflection of our own inner being.

I love engineering, despite those who see tech as a bad thing... even they use it.

How do we use technology in tune with the bio-rhythms of the earth and the human body to shift the globally imposed dystopian timelines ?


WE R FREE BEINGS brings my work together: light art & wearable tech: WILLPOWER STUDIOS / Style( I wear my hand-made clothes): WILLPOWER FLOW / Creative Direction, Video Editing, Song Writing & Recording, music production, mixing, logo design: WILLPOWER DESIGN / Music: WILLPOWER MUSIC

The Great Awakening 👁

— WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE ♥️🖖🏽✌🏼☝🏾🙌🏻🙏🏿♥️

Behind The Scenes


Check out how WILLPOWER made LIGHT FACE (LED mask - version 1) in the TECH LAB HERE !