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C++ Synth

How It Was Created.

Open Source Documentation


Developed instrument with 3 Potentiometers. It’s a synth / oscillator with 3 controls: Pitch, Amplitude and Detune.

Pitch is logarithmic to the human ear, which is why I did not use Frequency (linear). An algorithm translates Frequency into Pitch. The Amplitude was converted into decibels from their initial linear sound as they are also logarithmic, in other words, close to how the human ear hears.

Amplitude is pretty much the volume and Detune mirrors 2 oscillations of the Pitch flowing in opposite directions to create a richer sound.

First, I used the 3 Potis to control a circle.

Then, to control Pitch, Amplitude and Frequency.

I used an ESP32 as a microcontroller to capture the data from the potentiometers. I programmed it using the Arduino IDE. I programmed the Graphics and Audio in openFrameworks (open source C++ Toolkit), which captures the potentiometer’s values in real time via the Serial. I then map the data to the circle and synth.

The next steps are to further develop the Synth into a much richer instrument.

The Operating System I use is Pop!_OS, which is a Linux Distro based on Ubuntu.

To see LIGHT FACE in performance watch

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