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How It Was Created.

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This is how WILLPOWER made LIGHT FACE, version 2.

LIGHT FACE is a response to the covid hoax mask nonsense. That is what it was born out of.

It started as a bare mask with no lights, it made a strong statement and started conversations with strangers on the streets. Then, a friend told me to add lights to it and it took it to another level. I had been wanting to do a LED mask for a while, so this was perfect. Especially because it was during the first lockdown in Berlin, and my work as an Artist was stripped out of societies globally. I started wearing it to places that didn't let me in without a stupid useless toxic mask such as supermarkets and buses... From what I saw the real attack on humanity was the governmental / political / big tech / big media tyranny, not a made-up virus. Oh, and how is it a pandemic when the numbers are the same as the regular flu ? They said we were all going to die... Yeah, ok. Oh, and why inject the world with a shot that does not work ? hmmm…

It is up to us to wake up or fall into their manufactured worldwide dystopia.

LIGHT FACE is a LED Mask project. It is my first Wearable Product.

I’ve been having fun walking the streets with my mask and interacting with people.

Wearing it publicly literally brings light to the uncertain times we are in… 2021.

It brought joy and laughter to people, that is the work I enjoy doing here on earth.




I made LIGHT FACE sound reactive, which you can see examples of in the videos towards to beginning of this page 👍

To see LIGHT FACE in performance watch

To see 1st version of LIGHT FACE watch WE R FREE BEINGS !