How It Was Created.

OFF PLANET. The development process took 3 months. I tried different approaches that failed. It was a journey of uncertainty all the way to the end. During the installation process, I wasn't 100% sure that I would finish on time, but I never doubted the outcome. I didn't sleep for a few days to construct it.

Let's start with the 4 videos below, which illustrate how the Light & Sound Instrument functions. This was the last phase of prototyping, when I had it all working.

Here are the very first tests involving water and a plant as sensors. I also used an ultrasound ping distance sensor.

My first failed attempt was using fadeCandy, a driver for addressable LEDs. This is not a knock on this product, it just didn't work for me as I found it to be unstable. I've seen others use it in successful ways. One thing is for sure, I made some cool wires ;)

Afer this experiment, I went back to the basics, soldered leds and started using sensors...

After these initial tests, I was able to move on to the next phase, which was to prototype the real scale of the installation.

At this stage, I had everything working. It was then time to make the hardware. I made it in a way that made each piece detachable. This way, I could take out the microcontroller and sensors afterwards.

Got everything ready. Time to setup.

Check out the finished exhibition

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